These Chinese Models Have Posing Down To A Science

The world of online shopping has created a demand for fast fashion, which in turn has people looking for a massive selection of clothing. But in order to sell those pieces, fashion retailers know they’ve got to present their garments in a way that demonstrates the fit and style. It wouldn’t do them any service by just displaying the pieces as-is, so they go out and find gorgeous models who can sell their products just by striking a pose.

While retail modeling is by no means a new trend, massive shops like China’s Taobao, which PetaPixel writes is the county’s equivalent to our Amazon, offer thousands of clothing items online, all of which require a model. According to China Daily, the company employs women whose job is to model up to 150 outfits a day. One model told the website that even on her busiest days, she’s expected to “make more than 700 poses” and is only given a single minute to change into her next outfit.

So, how do they do it? With grace and composure, it seems.

These models do not miss a beat! Everything they do is done with purpose and precision. How they don’t mess up their hair and makeup while changing is beyond me, but hey, they’re the professionals here.

After taking hundreds of photos, the best ones make it to Taobao’s website, where millions of people browse daily.

Apparently, it pays pretty well to be one of these lightning-speed models. Despite only getting a 10-minute lunch break (that’s not enough time for me to even figure out what I want to eat), these gals can make up to $1,500 in a day for their hard work and efficiency.

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