The Teeny-Tiny Tattoos We Want In 2018

Going home for the holidays can get boring, fast. The first few days you reconnect with friends from high school, chat with relatives you haven’t seen in a year, and drink through your parents’ wine rack — but then, it’s suddenly over. Once the candles are lit and the presents are unwrapped, what else is there to look forward to? Well, we have one idea.

Sure, you can sleep in until noon, binge The Crown, reorganize your childhood bedroom… or you can use all those extra hours to finally get that tattoo you’ve been wanting. Winter break is the perfect time for fresh ink — since you have plenty of time to research an artist, don’t have to squeeze in your appointment after work, and can sit around and do nothing while it heals.

Getting a tattoo requires a lot of thought before booking your appointment. So, just in case you can’t make up your mind on what tattoo to get, or need a little inspiration before going under the needle, we’ve rounded up the raddest designs we can’t stop eyeing on Instagram right now.

Click ahead to check out our editor-approved tattoos we’re bound to get over the holiday break.

“I really love tattoo artist Rosa Bluestone Perr’s delicate hand-poked tattoos. My friend Michelle just got a tattoo from her, and ever since I’ve been seriously considering getting my second tattoo from Perr. She creates her own designs, and I’m really into the minimal drawings she has of animals with halos around their heads. I’ve been wanting to get a cat tattoo on my rib cage or shoulder blade for a while now, and I think she’s the only one who could do it justice.” — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer

“I love Eva at Bang Bang’s landscapes — they’re like little circles of utopia. I’d get the view from Mulholland drive, where I grew up. ” — Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor

“I’ve been removing a poorly-done horse tattoo on my neck for over two years now and I’m hitting my breaking point. Now that most of it’s gone, I’ve realized what I really want is the same idea done right this time — by an artist who won’t agree to work on a drunk 18-year-old just tasting college freedom and who understands that ‘a small, delicate horse’ requires shadowing, not filling in an outline in solid black ink.” — Tunell

“I’m one of the only people in L.A. I know who doesn’t have a tattoo — so let’s be honest, I’m not actually going to get this — but I have been incredibly drawn to simple, single-needle constellations lately. Doctor Woo told me that a lot of people anchor them around a mole, which I think is a really rad way to try the look.” — Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor

Pet faces are a huge trend in the tattoo world right now, but I doubt anyone could capture the beauty of my queen. Well, except maybe Doctor Woo.” — Lebsack

“The outline of my home, California, could be pretty rad, too. Okay, maybe I will finally take the plunge…” — Lebsack

“New York City’s skyline has pretty much made an appearance on my feed every other week for the last six years of my life, so you could say I’m a fan. If I were ever to profess my love in a more permanent way, though, this is how I would do it: with a clean, simple outline of all my favorite buildings.” — Kelsey Castañon, Beauty News Editor

“I’ve dreamed of getting my first tattoo done by Madame Buraka — first, I just have to book a trip to Europe. But her designs are genuine pieces of art, any of which I’d be proud to wear forever.” — Samantha Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant

“The ocean has always been a place where I connect to myself, my home (Southern California), and my faith. I love this teeny tiny wave tattoo, but the real question is: Where will I put mine?” — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director

“Kanye, my dog of 11 years, passed away a few months ago. I’m still devastated and am always looking through my camera roll for old photos of him. He was a 15-pound Yorkie but had the heart of a pit bull… and the temper of one, too. I still have tiny scars on my right hand from where he bit me. To remember him — and to cover them up — I’d connect them into a shape like this heart key… that way, he’ll always be with me.” — Khalea Underwood, beauty writer

“I always knew I could never overthink what tattoos I should get, but a Zodiac sign — either mine or of someone I loved — would be cool.” — Sasso

“I want this, but instead of Miley’s dog, I want it to be my dog.” — Rachel Krause, Beauty Writer

“I’ve never really been one to pay close attention to what my Zodiac sign may or may not mean, but after moving away from home that’s all changed. A lot of close people in my life are Geminis, including myself, my mom, other family members, and tons of friends. What they say is true: We’re expressive and quick-witted, inspiring and never boring. What better way to honor all that than with a tattoo?” — Brianna Arps, production assistant

“I have no tattoos, but if I ever did decide to get one, it would definitely be tiny and probably somewhere inconspicuous, like on my ankle. I think this little constellation of stars is adorable, and doesn’t really connote any kind of bigger meaning than that.” — Megan Decker, Beauty Production Assistant

“I’m obsessed with this one — it’s the perfect minimalist tattoo. It’s really small and could be covered with a few bracelets or my shirt sleeve… but I think I’d actually want people to notice this one.” — Decker

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