5 Women Get Candid About How They Really Feel In Their Underwear

If you’ve ever had the jitters going into an important job interview or big presentation, chances are you’ve been delivered the old adage to picture the rest of the room in their underwear. Speaking singularly, I can easily say that picturing a group of strangers (or worse, higher-ups) in next to nothing doesn’t exactly settle my stomach. Thinking on it a little further, I’m left with a question: What if the real key to calming nerves, or simply giving us that added boost of fearlessness to take on the day, isn’t to picture others in their undergarments — but ourselves?

Hear me out: While the quick fix may not be to directly envision ourselves rocking an almost-birthday-suit in front of the whole world (though, to each their own), instead, maybe there’s something to be said about channeling that stripped-down, totally authentic version of ourselves — as in, at home, feeling totally at ease in our favorite lacy bras or sheer bodysuits. To explore, I tapped five women in partnership with DKNY to see whether they believe that what they don underneath it all actually holds the power to improve their daily outlook. Spoiler alert: They don’t call ’em lucky pairs for nothing.

“I recently got back into the dating game after a bit of a hiatus, and I can confidently say the best first-date advice I’ve ever received was to wear underwear you feel sexy in, even if no one but you will see it. I gave it a shot and wore my favorite supportive, sexy bodysuit to drinks with my latest right-swipe. Lo and behold — the date was a total slam dunk. Who knows if we’ll see each other again, but if we do, I’ll definitely be wearing that bodysuit.” —Jacqueline

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“While pink may not be your typical ‘sexy’ color, it’s by far the one that makes me feel most on point, so most of my undergarments tend to be that hue. When I interviewed for my current job, I was wearing my all-time-favorite pink set, and just having it on underneath my business look gave me an added burst of confidence. While I don’t want to say that it was all thanks to my lucky pair, I did get the job.” Jen

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“My everyday style is typically pretty sporty and chill, so I’d like to think what I wear underneath (ahem, bralettes all day, every day) is a reflection of that. Being authentic to myself and my own unique style is what makes me feel sexiest. As far as hidden superpowers go — last time I wore my favorite matching bralette and underwear set, I found a five-dollar bill on the ground on my way to the subway. If that doesn’t scream lucky, I don’t know what does.” —Katie

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“Because my style mantra is comfort over everything else, a slightly high-waisted brief with a sports-bra-like top is my ultimate undergarment situation. I feel my sexiest in a full-coverage panty because not only does it smooth me out all over, but it also makes me feel reminiscent of a 1950s pinup star — and what could make a girl feel more confident than that?” —Alison

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“When it comes to undergarments, two things are really important to me: style and support. I’m a little more on the busty side, which doesn’t make finding bras that are supportive and cute easy, so when I do find the perfect combo, that feels like a lucky streak in and of itself. Case in point: I bought my recent favorite in three shades, and every single time I wear it, I get compliments on my outfit.” —Marissa

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