Benefit Just Launched The Perfect Brow Gel For Coachella

If bold bushy brows dominated the ’80s and thin, over-plucked arches defined the ’90s, then beauty historians will certainly have a hard time nailing down the universal brow look of the 2000s. We’ve seen feathered brows, Christmas tree brows, floating brows… all looks that are fun to laugh at on Instagram, but not necessarily the trends we want to be remembered for in 2018.

But if there’s one wild brow trend that’s fully here to stay, it’s colored brows. No, they’re not just for the Caesar Flickermans of the world; in fact, when done correctly, the effect can be pretty damn cool. And Benefit Cosmetic’s latest launch, which hits Revolve today, might just be the minimalist’s answer to pulling off the intimidating look.

The brand just unveiled five new 3D Brow Tones in shades like magenta, purple, and teal. Unlike other colorful brow gels on the market, which can look cartoon-like or painted-on, these ones are sheer. In fact, we’d describe them more as brow highlights; they give definition and fullness, with just the tiniest hint of color. “3D BrowTones create a fun, user-friendly way to play with color in your brows,” explains Benefit’s Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey. “The formula is buildable, so you can swipe it on with a light touch for subtle color, or build up the layers for a look that’s unique and daring.”

We gave them to five R29 staffers — from Coachella regulars to the introverts who’d rather spend a weekend reorganizing their pantries. Check out their unfiltered opinions, ahead.

he Shade: Magenta

The Tester: Cat Quinn, Beauty Director

Benefit, $24, available at Revolve

“As far as music festival personalities go, I’m the mom. I’ve got the mini hand sanitizer on my keychain and insist my friends reapply sunscreen after every set. I’m more likely to wear a full-coverage hat than a flower crown, if you catch my drift. But I do like to experiment with a makeup look that’s a baby step above what I’d normally do, and that’s where this subtle magenta brow comes in. It makes me feel cool and young and hip — without second guessing every weird look someone gives me on the subway. In fact, not one single person (including my boyfriend) noticed anything wildly different about me on the two full days I wore these brows — just that my eyes looked greener — and that’s just the way I like it.”

The Shade: Rich Purple

The Tester: Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer

Benefit, $24, available at Revolve

“I’ll try virtually any makeup trend, but wild brow makeup has never been my cup of tea. So I was pretty certain Benefit’s new colored brow gels wouldn’t be for me. But when I slicked on the purple shade, I was surprised at how natural it was. Rather than looking like paint in my eyebrows, the purple color was subtle — so subtle that it’s really only visible when the sun hits my brows just so.

“I wore the shade last weekend to brunch with my sister and although she didn’t notice my brows right away, when we reached a particularly sunny clearing in Central Park she did a double take and said, ‘Are your brows purple? That’s really cool!'” — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer

The Shade: Teal

The Tester: Sloan Wilson, Video Programming Coordinator

Benefit, $24, available at Revolve

“Having never worn colored brow gel before, I was nervous to try this product. I enlisted the help of fellow brow-gel tester Meghal Janardan who helped me paint on a few layers and, voilà, suddenly I had teal arches.

“As a brow gel, this stuff is great — the flat bill at the end of the spoolie makes it easy to layer product onto my brows and the brush itself is so easy to use. I hope Benefit comes out with more shades though, because I’m not sure I’d wear a color this dark again; I’d more likely use something in the pastel family.”

The Shade: Deep Blue

The Tester: Meghal Janardan, Video Producer

Benefit, $24, available at Revolve

“I really like the brush and formula of this brow gel because it managed to keep my brows in place all day. The shade doesn’t really show up in my dark brows unless I’m standing in very bright light. Here, I’m wearing two solid coats on my brows and was able to get some pretty good color payoff.”

The Shade: Copper

The Tester: Nikki Tucker, Social Editor

Benefit, $24, available at Revolve

“This product is much more subtle than I expected. It has a slight shimmer to it, but you have to apply several layers to get your brows to really glisten. I like that it’s easy to apply and not messy, so it’s worth another try.”

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