Glitter Was Everywhere At Coachella

Before Beyoncé hit Coachella’s stage to make history as the festival’s first Black female headliner, she had to get glammed. And before Sir John, Bey’s longtime makeup artist, painted her face, he was gathering inspiration… from you. “I walked out into the field yesterday and it was so cool to see so much makeup — seeing everyone wearing glitter as highlighter, ” the pro told Refinery29 on the third day of Coachella. “Makeup is so big right now, babe. You would’ve thought that you were at a couture show in Paris, like John Galliano-era. The girls were coming out.”

And they came out in abundance. There was SO much shimmer on the field, from a light collarbone dusting of glitter to a full-on rhinestone cowgirl. See all the inspiration, ahead.

We can’t take our eyes off of the shimmery Champagne shadow and the gleaming cheekbones.

Photographed by Emily Malan.

How awesome is the juxtaposition of this girl’s preppy newsboy cap with her bejeweled undereyes and collarbone glitter?

Photographed by Emily Malan.

The next time we have Chanel-sized undereye bags, we’ll hide them like this.

The underliner, the stars, the highlight… it’s all too good.

Photographed by Emily Malan.

We’d love to see a simple — but standout — look like this during Crop Over. (Rihanna, you listening?)

Photographed by Emily Malan.

For a futuristic look like this one, a galaxy-inspired highlight was only fitting.

Photographed by Emily Malan.

A reminder that your sunnies should be as extra as your makeup game.

Photographed by Emily Malan.

Yes, sparkle can get messy… but you can always play it off by brushing it upwards and making faux glitter roots.

Photographed by Emily Malan.

Getting glitter off your body is a fair concern. To combat that, make like these two and just stick on a couple of rhinestones.

Photographed by Emily Malan.

Now that’s how you one-up winged liner.

Shimmer on, sister.

No need to go overboard on the blush and lipstick when you’ve got this much glitter on — but you can swipe on a great volumizing mascara.

Or, could skip over your cheekbones and sprinkle the shimmer all over your head instead. It’s festival season, baby — anything goes.

Photographed by Emily Malan.

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