A Handy Guide To Kehlani’s Coolest Tattoos

When we first met Kehlani in 2011 as a contestant on America’s Got Talent, the then-16-year-old had yet to even get her first tattoo. Now, she’s covered in ink from head to toe, adding to her collection so often fans can barely keep up — until now.

Luckily, the star is an open book when it comes to a lot of her visible ink. For example, we know her first (her knuckles, all stick and poke done by her sister) and her most sentimental (“La Dreamer,” as a tribute to a friend she met in a group home as a teen). But just because the Honey singer posts glimpses of her arm, leg, face, and hand tats all over Instagram doesn’t mean we get to see ’em all at once that often.

That’s why we compiled some of her most colorful pieces, so you can get a closer look at the star’s raddest ink. Ahead, a guide to Kehlani’s tattoo collection…


1. Four dots

2. Paper plane

3. Queen of Hearts

4. Waves

5. “Espíritu Libre” (“free spirit”)

6. “Perdida y Encontrada” (“lost and found”)

Right Arm

7. Sleeve of roses

Left Arm

8. Sunflower


9. Paisley

10. Peace sign

11. Triangle

12. “La Dreamer”

13. Mickey Mouse

14. Heart

15. Lotus flower (covering original “WOKE” ink)

16. Arrow

17. Anchor

18. “Hope”

19. “510”

20. Venus symbol


21. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

22. Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction

23. Skateboard

24. Scorpion and rose, skewered by a dagger

25. Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power

26. “Today is the best day ever”

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