Shoe Care In Summer

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Shoes are the best partner of human beings. Men and women both travel distances just due to this reliable partner which offer its very services on every step on. In all types of terrain an weather  giving the human feet the best protection as well as comfort shoes are always there. In the very same manner the shoes must be taken care of very well.

Summer is the toughest time for the shoes where they face the wrath of the hot and humid weather and also the burning surface of the earth. Hence, the shoe care tips in summer are the essence for ensuring long life of the shoes.

Shoe Rotation

The first and the foremost of the shoe care tips is that shoes require rest after an extensive day use so that they can retain their structural memory. The shoes must be rotated and this is possible by keeping an extra pair of shoes with you, as the shoes need a day’s rest. Hence it is necessary for the fine leather shoe’s long life that they should not be worn for two consecutive days.

Shoe Horn

Another of the shoe care tips in summer is the frequent use of shoe horn, which saves the heel collar and counter from unnecessary wear.

Protective soles

Use of Rubber sole protectors are one of the effective shoe care tips which definitely enhances the life of shoes especially in summers. The rubber sole protectors are thin enough to maintain the style degree of the shoes and also prolong the life of the shoes. Also these protective soles are skid proof.

Shoe Maintenance

Another one of the most important of the shoe care tips in summer is the frequent and regular maintenance of the shoes which they very justly require, especially depending upon the frequency of the use.

Shoe Trees

Use of shoe tress is also one of the direly required shoe care tips, as use of the shoe care trees ensures that the leather of the shoe maintains its shape and the best amongst the shoe trees are the cedar wood shoe trees, as they absorb the moisture of the shows very effectively, also the shoe trees are the best for the travelling.

Shoe Salt Stains

Removal of stains of white salts on shoes are a bit difficult to remove but one of the shoe care tips in summer is the use of a solution of distilled vinegar with water or white spirit with water, by applying the mixture on the whole shoe and applying more on the salt mark and then gently rinse it and allow slow drying afterwards. Do not forget to polish the shoes again after they are dried completely.

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