The Easiest Braided Updo You’ll Ever Try

While this braided updo may look like it takes a PhD in follicular manipulation to achieve, it’s actually surprisingly simple — a little tucking here, some twisting there, and then you roll it all up and you’ve got yourself a snazzy new style. What, you need more to go on than that? Fine.

We wrangled our in-house beauty expert, Taylor, to show you her step-by-step secret to crafting this chic coiff. And, for those of you who like your tutorials to be a bit more in motion, we also whipped together a quick video to show you how to put all those sneaky steps together. Click through for the DIY, or hit play below, and prepare to be impressed.


Start off by dividing your hair into two even sections on either side of your head.


Use a hair elastic to secure each section into a ponytail.


The ponytails should be at the back of your head, not on the sides.


Begin braiding your ponytail into a traditional three-strand braid. Secure with a hair elastic, then repeat with the remaining section.


Using your fingers, gently pull apart the braid to fatten it up and add a bit of texture.


Grab your two braids and cross one across the other, at the back of your head.


Pull the two strands tight, creating a knot with your hair.


Tuck the remaining hair from the right side over the knot, and the hair from the left underneath. Both strands should be integrated into the initial knot. Then, use the Spin Pin to secure. Continue adding in pins until hair is held firmly in place.


Grab some strong hold hairspray and spritz your new ‘do for extra security.


Looks complicated, but so easy, right?


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