R29 Hall Of Fame: The Best Hair In Hollywood

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

If Hollywood has taught us anything — besides the fact that romantic comedies are not a realistic representation of what it’s like to date, that is — it’s that changing up your looks will instantly garner you more attention. So, it’s no wonder the 10 ladies on our list of the best hair in Hollywood have continued to keep us on our toes, reinventing their mane style, time and again.

They’ve shown us that shaved heads can be sexy, introduced us to ombré, and taught us that, sometimes, not doing your hair is the biggest statement you can make. Some of our picks were obvious (hello Blake!) and some of them might have you saying “huh?” (you’ll see), but we guarantee that every single one of these ladies will inspire some commentary — we’ve already gotten into quite a few passionate “discussions” about whom to keep and whom to cut. So, if you’re wondering if your favorites made the list, well, there’s only one way to find out!

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She may be half of the biggest power couple of all time (yes, we said it) and mommy to the cutest power baby of all time (we said that, too), but Bey’s signature, ever-changing ‘do is what keeps us coming back time and time again. Whether she’s smoothed out her strands, curled it into sexpot waves, or let it go all out into a fierce curly mane, we can’t help but love that beautiful head of hair she rocks.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages

Emma Stone
Her actual hairstyles might not be that risqué, but it’s Emma’s chameleon attitude toward color that keeps us interested. Red-carpet events have turned into a hair-color-guessing game: Will she be platinum, brunette, her signature red, or something totally different? Emma might be a relative newbie to the scene, but we have a feeling she’ll be sticking around on our list for some time to come. 

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

Blake Lively
It’s no surprise that Mrs. Ryan Reynold’s made the list. In fact, she spawned the whole “who has the best hair” debate in the office. A battle broke out between the Lively followers and the Diane Kruger followers. Alas, Serena pulled out ahead, earning her a place in the hall of fame for her inventiveness and her ability to try new and interesting styles that we wish we could transplant onto our own noggins. We’ve been coveting that braid for awhile now. 

Photo: Picture Perfect/Rex USA

Oh, RiRi, we don’t think we’ve ever seen you sporting the same hairstyle twice, and we have to thank you for that. Who else would have urged us to shave half our head, to dye it an unimaginable shade of red, or to cut it into the cutest pixie cut since Mia Farrow herself? You wear your hair like an accessory, and boy, do we wish we were as daring as you! Thank you for always surprising us, sometimes shocking us, and never disappointing us. Keep up the good work. 

Photo: James McCauley/Rex USA

Natalie Portman
There was no question the Black Swanwould make it on our list — who else goes that extra mile for the sake of her craft? When Natalie showed up on the red carpet with a shaved head, she actually had us pondering a dome devoid of hair — forserious. We’ve followed every transformation she’s had, anticipating her next move with bated breath. From honey to chestnut to blonde, we can’t get enough of Natalie and her strand switch-ups. 

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

Rachel McAdams
She stole our hearts in The Notebook, and ever since, we’ve been in a love affair with Rachel McAdams’…hair. From her daring hot-pink tips (long before Kate Bosworth, Lauren Conrad, and everyone else did it) to her shiny retro curls, McAdams always seems to know what to give us when we want it. She’s been dark, she’s been platinum, and she’s been everything in between. All that change might cause some people to get dizzy but for us, it’s only made us crush even harder. 

Photo: Picture Perfect/Rex USA

Alexa Chung
Of course, the London It Girl would make it on our list. She spawned a mini army of ombré locks and made us fall in love with bedhead all over again. Alexa may seem like she doesn’t put any thought into her mane, but we know better. Who else could start so many trends, or even pull off a messy ponytail so gracefully? Just goes to show you that great hair doesn’t have to be perfect or groomed into submission to look mind-blowing. 

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages

Sarah Jessica Parker
Oh, Carrie SJP. You started the ever-changing hair obsession for us. From your heyday on SATC to your low-key sandbox playdates with the Broderick brood, we haven’t been able to take our eyes off your enviable mane. It all started with those wild blonde curls, and since then, we’ve enjoyed watching you go dark, short, sleek, short again, ombré, up, and down more times than we can count. And every single time, we’ve loved you for it more and more. Here’s to you, Ms. Bradshaw, for forever instilling in us a need to mix it up. 

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

Jessica Biel
Remember when we said that fights broke out in the office over whom to keep and whom to cut? Probably the biggest argument we had was who rocked blunt bangs the best. Rooney Mara’s name was thrown around (obviously), as was Reese Witherspoon’s, but in the end, the future Mrs. Timberlake prevailed with her razor sharp fringe. Sure, Biel has historically played it safe with her locks, but when she decides to make a change, not only does she go all out, but she executes it flawlessly. 

Photo: Rex USA

Sofia Coppola
Stay with us. We know what you’re thinking, because at first, we were thinking it, too. So, just how did Sophia Coppola make the cut? It’s simple, literally. No matter what, we can always, always rely on Coppola for undeniably low-key-yet-sexy hair. Yes, sexy. She is — in our eyes — the modern-day Jane Birkin and, man, do we love us some Jane. Sofia’s natural, virgin hair is never overly styled and, most of the times, not even brushed. Yet, no matter what, she always lookstrès chic, giving hope to lazy girls everywhere. 

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