Daring ‘Dos: Clever Ways To Style Your Strands

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sigh. Excuse us, but we’re feeling massively bored with our hair right now. Looking in the mirror every a.m., we just can’t muster up the interest to do anything than our usual tired ponytail or loose layers. Ho hum. Looks like it’s tiime for some major mane inspiration.

We took to the spring ’12 runways to find the most innovative, cool (but not too crazy!), and just plain pretty ‘dos. Here, you’ll find the nine most creative coiffs to help inspire you to try something new with your tresses. There’s a ‘do for almost every skill level, from total novice to styling wizard. From a braid that defies the laws of gravity to a simple part switch-up that makes a huge difference, here are the hairstyles we’ll be trying to help break us out of our mane melancholy.


Curl Explosion

We’re impressed by the sneakiness of this look from the Lorenzo Riva show — slick roots suddenly erupt into a confection of fluffy curls. The dichotomy of the ‘do allows it to look super-girly, without looking juvenile or tween.


Braids Upon Braids Upon Braids

Love braids? We can guarantee you don’t love them as much as Rebekka Ruetz, who sent models at her spring show stomping down the catwalk in a variety of plaited coiffs. Our favorite is this triple-braided one, which features a French braid at the crown that morphs into what looks like a four-strand braid, which also contains a tiny mini-braid woven right in. While this look clearly uses extensions, the idea of braiding the top of your hair, rather than just slicking it back, is a creative twist (literally) on the style. 


Parting Ways

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Switching up your part is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your strands. If you’ve already given the side-part a go, take a cue from models at the Schumacher show, who paired textured tresses with a zigzag part for an innovative new take on sexy bedhead.


The Pony Roll

These rolled ponytails at Jenny Packham are positive proof that a ponytail — the lazy girl’s go-to ‘do — can look chic. By combining a deep side-part and a victory roll with the pony, it instantly elevates the look into the sophistication stratosphere.


Messy Meets Managed

The split-personality nature of this style at Paola Frani — undone on one side, braided and under control on the other — is a creative spin on the messy updo trend.


Fishtail Pigtails

We’re always of the opinion of why settle for one when you can have two, which is why this pair of pulled-apart fishtails made us so gleeful. Plus, it gives us an excuse to rock pigtails, which we haven’t done since our grade-school days — well, if you don’t count that one ill-advised Halloween costume from college. Let us never speak of it again.


The Flattened Part

Usually, when our hair is misbehaving, and we don’t feel like throwing it all up in a bun or ponytail, we resort to the half-up hairstyle — it hides all of those weird cowlicks and sleep-crushed pieces, but still let us wear our hair down. We like this version from the Gabriele Colangelo show, because instead of pulling back all of your front pieces, you only separate a very tiny section, which creates an almost flattened part that is intriguing, different, and a little badass.


Scarf It Up

We like scarves. We also like braids. So, it makes sense that combining those two things, like models did at Nonoo Lyons, would result in something absolutely amazing. Plus, you can mix up the feel of the look just by weaving in a different type of fabric into your crown of braids. Go for lace if you’re feeling romantic, a bold pattern if you want to be whimsical, or tough it up with some studded leather. The possibilities are almost endless.


The High-Fashion Fauxhawk

A traditional fauxhawk can look a bit severe, but by combining a soft, volumized texture with super-sleek sides, this haute couture hairstyle at Irene Luft actually looks quite feminine. Pair it with a killer cocktail dress for a holiday party look that’s unexpected and sexy.

Photo Credit: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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