8 Online Time Wasters For Food-Coma Laziness

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Shhh. There aren’t any deadlines. Your phone isn’t ringing. So for the love of all that is good, quit answering your dang emails for one freaking day. Some might call it Black Friday, but for the majority of America, the day after Thanksgiving is a much-needed excuse to sleep in, stay in your jammies, and make like a vegetable. And most importantly, whiling away our time on totally useless, time-suck websites. 

We all know Buzzfeedthe Best of Craigslist, andAnimals Being Dicks, but those, dear readers, are just the tip of the iceberg. To make sure you get absolutely nothing done (nothing productive, anyway!), we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to idle away our time. 

Today, any excuse to watch kittens bounce around on your screen or ogle endlessly covetable design objects is not only welcome, but encouraged. In fact, take these R29-approved sites and bookmark them — maybe they’ll provide in-cubicle inspiration, a new addiction, or (hopefully) a reminder that it is totally okay to zone out and watch cute things be cute, any day of the week.


Weight Watchers Recipe Cards From 1974 — Yes, this is old. But it is classic and deserving of endless revisits. These disgusting concoctions from a Weight Watchers cookbook are made even better with the witty and horrific descriptions. Memorize. Recite. Let your friends know that “perhapsPolynesian Snack is not for them.” 

Photo: Via CandyPop


Cat Bounce — What, do you think we are so simple that we can be endlessly entertained by bouncing kittens? If so, then you are CORRECT. Because their little paws are outstretched as they glide through the air, and just look what happens when you make it rain! Just look what happens

Photo: Via Cat Bounce


Reddit.com/r/aww — Reddit has a ton of communities, and some are downright unsavory. But for a definite time sink, checking out the “aww” section of the site is a guaranteed way to see the best of all the furry creatures the Internet has to offer…and that is no small feat indeed. 

Photo: Via Reddit User Ugatz


Orsinal — Instead of one little game, Orsinal is a group of lots of little games, all with simple goals and pleasing, likable characters. Help a tortoise and a hare avoid snakes. Tell cats whether to sit or strut. Or keep pesky gophers out of your garden. Each game is impeccably designed, and the point-and-click interface is just darling. 

Photo: Via FerryHalim.com/Orsinal


Not Couture — Pre-Pinterest, shopping/ogling site Not Couture presented a community-based group of seriously gorgeous objects. From conceptual pieces of design submitted by emerging talents to fresh-off-the-presses releases from old favorites (plus hidden scores that users find and share), this collection offers something for everyone. 

Photo: Via Not Couture


This Is Sand — “So, wait, you’re telling me that this is just a website where you get to make virtual sand art? Why would I be interested in making sand art using millions of different colors, where my only restriction is gravity? That sounds crazy! Aaand, where did the last five hours go?” 

Photo: Via This Is Sand


World Of Goo — Though World Of Goo is just the dip-of-the-toe into the realm of the indie computer game, it’s the most well-known independently produced puzzle game for a reason. The graphics are outstanding, the various levels are challenging, and the game-play is engaging. As our deputy editor explains, “This was my entire Thanksgiving two years ago. I still haven’t beat it.” Plus, by purchasing the game, you are supporting indie developers. Sick. 

Photo: Via World Of Goo


The Useless Web — Okay, this might be cheating, but this handy site rounds up totally bizarre, one-stop spots to waste time. Just try to click only once. Just try

Photo: Via The Useless Web

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