Fashion Ornaments! Our Staffer’s Crafty Creations

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

As avid DIYers here at R29 HQ, we take every opportunity we can to use our glue guns. For the craftier among us, the holiday season is our Fashion Week, filled with Pinterest boards brimming with potential projects, a slew of homemade gifts at the ready, and professional adornments by heavy hitters to make us feel like mortals again (Martha Stewart, P.S. I Made This, we are looking at you). 

While an average tree might be filled with store-bought balls and baubles, ours are chock-full of years and years worth of R29-made ornaments. This holiday especially, our staffers really brought it. Click through to see the seven ornaments we’ve added to our tree.



“Connie had the amazing idea of making an ornament version of the furry Céline shoe, and came to me to figure out how to do it. Some glue and one Santa hat later, I had a pretty good replica.” 
— Christy Kurtz, senior photo editor


“Okay, so I admit I didn’t exactly have a fashion inspiration for this, but really wanted to shape twine around a balloon and then pop it. I like to think it’s Lauren Bush Lauren-esque, eco-friendly-gone-glitz with a smattering of extraterrestrial gold dust. No?” 
— Chloe Daley, editorial production assistant


“Karl Kristmas Kookies miam miam” 
— Christina de la Cruz, design director


“I was going to try and attempt an ugly-sweater, pom-pom ornament, but these fluff balls were just so much fun. Not sure if you can see it, but there’s a hidden R29 in there.” 
— Lisa Dionisio, senior production editor


“Grumpy Cat, Choupette, “breading,” and the classic cat-eye — 2012 headlines were all about felines, and this paper-mache ornament is a nod to our furry friends and the cat ladies who love them.” 
— Alana Salguero, commerce coordinator


“The Refinery29 homepage, for me, is the happiest place on Earth. I decided to lock it up in a clear sphere — snowglobe-style!” 
— Lisa Dionisio, senior production editor


“This ornament is kind of like a giant hint to Santa (put on the tree what you’d like to find uuuunder the tree, know what I mean?). I love this floral print that Prada did for fall/winter ’12, so I decided to do a classic, black, ball ornament with this classy design on it.” 
— Willow Lindley, fashion and beauty assistant


Ta-da! Our decked-out Christmas tree. Which ornament was your favorite?

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