Match Your Makeup To Your Mood: Here’s How

To say our moods are mercurial would be like saying Tilda Swinton has a passing interest in boxes — that is, a gross understatement. Not only are we constantly shifting our emotions, we like to wear our hearts on our sleeves. Which is why we’re digging the idea of matching your makeup to your mood. 

Consider it the mood ring for the new millenium — instead of gaudy jewelry, use your cosmetics know-how to craft a look that shows everyone exactly how you’re feeling. Granted, this works best on those times when you have a sunnier disposition, rather than when your mood is hovering in the “rage blackout” or “super-sad emojicon” zone. But if you’re feeling kooky, dramatic, coy, dreamy, or fearless, well, then we’ve got some ideas for you. Scroll through for some cool makeup looks that will help you express your state of mind — whatever that may be.



Why be predictable when you can be expected? Shake up your look with a colorful cat-eye. A crisp, refreshing mint accent draws attention to the eyes without being too out-there to actually, y’know, wear.



Feeling strong-willed? Might as well make your brows as bold as you are. To shake free of anxiety even on an aesthetic level, opt for an eyebrow pencil (or eyeliner) two or three shades deeper than your natural tone.



A straight, horizontal slash of burnished orange on the lids tells us everything we need to know about the girl who wears this look. Is she up for that road trip starting with one-tenth of a tank of gas? Yes. Would she trade an apartment lease for a global journey? You know it. Even if the biggest adventure in your day is a trip to the supermarket, some daring makeup could lead to something new. Hey, you never know….



Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara and Color Design Eye Shadow Palette in Plum Splendor, you’ll be bright, luminous – and radiant. Game on. 

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Feeling just a little bit bad? Time to break out the sultry makeup. Here, a smoldering charcoal lid complements a stained lip. It’s a pretty pairing, but it’s also an utterly calculated one that creates a sculpted effect. The key to this look: No harsh lines on the lids to keep suspicion (and unflattering lighting) at bay. Tricky, tricky.



Got your head in the clouds? Pair your state of mind with a soft, easy-to-wear, and romantic look. Shimmering eyeliner creates a gossamer gaze, while a monochromatic lip and cheek keep things grounded in reality. We’re daydream believers, all right. 



Shh…here’s a secret: Blending rust-colored shadow into the crease and out on a diagonal creates an enigmatic look. One glance at those eyes, those seriously sculpted cheeks, and we can’t help but wonder what she’s up to.



Shy? Not quite. Coy makeup is all about blending the hard and the soft for a not-exactly-innocent appeal. Get a coquettish vibe with well-defined brows and eyes, then pair them with a girlish glossy lip. It’s sexy, sweet, and strong all at once, and all eyes will be on you whenever you walk into a room. (Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.)



Know those days when you feel so unstoppably happy? Match a bright mood with ray-of-sunshine makeup. Here, softly shaded lids in a buttery confection of a shadow create a simple-yet-pretty effect. Blushed cheeks and a baby-pink pout complete the look. Shine on.



Being a drama queen isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Make a statement with a warm golden shadow blended into the crease of the eye. (It somodernizes the classic cat-eye and red lip combo.) We can’t confirm that a crimson lip and seriously defined eye à la Alexis Colby Carrington of Dynasty fame will trigger drama of the most magnificent proportions, complete with cocktails casually tossed into faces. But we can’t deny it, either.

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