Summer’s Stunners: 10 Need-To-Know Beauties

Okay, so summer isn’t officially here for a couple more weeks, but we’re just gonna pretend it’s in full swing. Especially when there are so many kick-ass ladies causing major summertime buzz, why wait? We’re enamored with this year’s fresh crop of on-the-rise actors, musicians, and all-around-awesome women doing majorly cool things. Not to mention, their individualistic takes on beauty have us taking a second (and third, and fourth) look. 

Eager to see what these 10 babes do next — and trust, they’re going to be doing plenty over the next few months — we’re keeping our collective eye on their newest endeavors. And, we think you’ll agree, these women have the potential to set some hair and makeup mini-trends this summer. Read on to see the 10 beautiful babes we’re eyeing…and tell us who you‘re watching, too.


Valerie June has the blues — and that’s a goodthing. The Memphis-born singer-songwriter calls her songs “organic moonshine roots music,” but we call them just plain awesome. (Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys must agree; he co-wrote a few songs for her forthcoming album.) Pushin’ Against a Stone is already earning major raves in Europe, where she’s currently on tour. Once it hits the States in August, we’re predicting big things. And, can we talk about her gorg hair? Like we said: awesome. 

Photo: Courtesy of Valerie June.


Mickey Sumner is an up-and-coming actress (yes, she happens to be Sting’s daughter, too). Though she originally moved to New York to study fine art, Sumner’s acting resume has recently begun expanding at a rapid pace: She starred alongside Greta Gerwig in the indie flick Frances Ha, and just finished filming CBGB, in which she plays none other than Patti Smith.  

We’re enchanted by Sumner’s look: This ethereal blonde has cheekbones for days, and Hitchcock himself would have admired her icy-blond hair. What we love most, though, is that she seems to have mastered the art of natural beauty — her minimalist makeup and relaxed, cool-girl locks areso right for summer.

Photo: Patrick McMullan.


In the short time since she appeared on the scene, Rita Ora has been consistently killin’ it. Her first album, released last year, topped UK charts and led to her nomination for three 2013 BRIT Awards. Most recently, she won the Solo Artist prize at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards. She’s beloved in the UK, and from what we’re hearing about her soon-to-be-released second album, the rest of the world will join in any minute now.  

Between her signature red lipstick, bleached blonde hair, and out-of-the-box style choices, Ora is certainly a babe to keep your eye on — as if she gives us a choice.

Photo: Brian Rasic/Rex.


Nathalie Emmanuel plays a relatively small role on Game of Thrones — Missandei, Daenerys Targaryen’s translator/personal assistant — but we think she’s one of the most memorable characters of this season. Is it her gorgeous natural hair? Her perfectly defined facial features? Her radiantly glowing skin that looks like it’s never known a blemish? Whatever it is, it’s clear that Emmanuel has it. 

We hope to continue seeing her after this season of GoT is over, and wouldn’t be surprised if she lands a starring role in something amazing. Consider our fingers crossed. 

Photo: London ENT.


You might not recognize Jessica Clark with her clothes on. Remember the always-naked vampire queen, Lilith, from the last season of True Blood? Yes, this is her. We’ll never forget the first time she appeared on our screens, and not justbecause she was naked.

Clark is a model-turned-actress who has been featured on the cover ofVogue India and, before joining the Truebie gang, acted in short independent films. The former host of a video blog called Lesbian Love, she’s out and active in the LGBT community, too. We’ve been told that Clark’s role on True Blood will be even bigger this season, but no word yet about how clothed she’ll be.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.


You already know that we’re big fans of singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira, right? After last year’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” was called the best song of the year by everyone from Pitchforkto New York Magazine, how could we not be? Her next album is set to drop any minute now, and the anticipation is torturing us. 

Between her silvery hair, bold red lips, and smoky eyes, Ferreira’s look is sultry beyond her years — but it never looks fake or put-on. We expect big — and unconventionally glamorous — things from her this summer.

Photo: Rex.


Rose Leslie is in the background of our favorite shows, but we don’t think it’ll be for long. This rad redhead has been in Downton Abbey and is currently on Game of Thrones. Though she’s not a leading lady in either, she’s captured our eye with her fiery, freckly, sassy charm. Sure, she plays a “wildling” onGoT — a tough-as-nails wilderness woman who can probably count the number of times she’s bathed on one hand — but the fact that she makes being a “wildling” seem somewhat attractive? Well played, Leslie. Well played.

Photo: Jim Bennett.


Jasika Nicole has a monopoly on artistic ability. You might recognize her from Fringe, and, most recently, Scandal, but she’s also an insanely talented illustrator. From her short, naturally-textured curls to her absolutely contagious smile, Nicole isn’t just an It Girl to watch — she’s an It Girl we couldn’t take our eyes off of even if we wanted to.  

This gorgeous Alabama native came out as a lesbian in a New York Times article back in 2008. Since then, she’s given prolific interviews on important issues like the representation of queer women and women of color in the media. We were thrilled to see her appear in Scandal, and can’t wait to see where she’ll pop up next.

Photo: Courtesy of Susannah V. Vergau.


You might recognize Willa Holland from TV — she was on The O.C. and Gossip Girl, and currently appears on Arrow — but this fresh-faced actress is making the jump to the big screen in Tiger Eyes. That asymmetrical bob really just had us at hello, and our inner beauty fanatic is giddy over her unconventional (and strunning) makeup choices. 

Photo: Gregory Pace.


Maurissa Tancharoen is truly a multi-dimensional beauty. She co-wrote Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (recognize her as a groupie?) and was a staff writer for Dollhouse, among other delightfully dorky endeavors. Her musical accomplishments include an EP called This Girl, co-written with her husband, Jed Whedon (yes, brother of Joss). This summer, her attention is onAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the highly anticipated Marvel Comics TV show that she developed with the Whedon boys. This self-identified “tiny Asian woman with a sailor mouth” is the embodiment of geek chic. From her rad bob to her bright lipstick, we’re taking notes on her beauty look, too.

Photo: Courtesy of This Girl Music.

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