VAWK for Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto!

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

VAWK for Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto!

I’ve never been a fan of uniforms. Wearing something that everyone else has to wear is not my idea of fun. Having said that, when I heard that VAWK’s Sunny Fong was working onShangri-La Hotel, Toronto’s Lobby Lounge wardrobe, I knew it was going to be special. But even with expectations set high, nothing could prepare me for the spectacular frocks that Sunny went on to create.

“I wanted the design to truly reflect a hybrid of my brand and what I feel Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto represents. I was inspired by the art work in the lobby, the Ming vase tea library and the ornithological theme that is prevalent in the hotel and the Zhang Huan ‘Rising’ sculpture,” said Fong of his inspiration. “When I met with Richard Cooke, we wanted something that seemed almost theatrical, so naturally I knew the silhouette had to be both sophisticated and sexy. I felt my desire to custom create a bold graphic print inspired by the Ming vase would absolutely make a dramatic statement.”

From the print, to the cut, to the details, the dresses are a breath of fresh air, a sight for sore eyes, and a huge departure from the usually drab hotel staff attire. Truth be told, I would absolutely love to own one of these beautiful pieces (uniform or not). Because while they were created for Shangri-La’s staff, the design totally stands on its own, as a regular (if stunning) dress.

Now the million dollar question is…where do I get one? Or should I just get a part-time job at the Lobby Lounge for a chance to snag one of these? Hmm…decisions, decisions.

VAWK for Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto!

Photo Credits: Christian Stoyanov

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