Emmy Awards 2013: The Meh, The Blah, and The Bad

How boring was Emmy Awards fashion last night, you guys? And the actual award show itself, even with my beloved Neil Patrick Harris hosting – it was a snoozefest! If only my house had AMC and Showtime, I would surely be watching Breaking Bad and Dexter instead, but alas…Emmys it was.

Truth be told, I couldn’t find even FIVE starlets worthy the Best Dressed title, so instead, this year’s Emmy Awards get The Meh, The Blah, and The Bad awards here on Style Blog, with the exception of Lena Dunham. No, I don’t love her Prada dress, but it was by far the least boring gown on the red carpet last night, and for that, I commend her. The dress is cute and youthful, she looks pretty and happy, and she’s not wearing white…GAWD, all the white dresses last night! I will never understand how so many of North America’s most beautiful women could manage to look so boring.

The Meh: Kate Mara, Jessica Pare, Claire Danes

Ok, so The Meh dresses were actually pretty good. I liked Mara’s J.Mendel gown, liked her hair, but was it amazing? It was good, yes…but not great. Same thing with Jessica Pare in a lovely aquamarine Oscar de la Renta, which looks a bit odd in the boobage area, even though the colour looks so good on her. Claire Danes’ Armani Privé was also great in theory…it’s actually growing on me as I type this, but I still don’t love it. It sags at the front, and again with the non-colour! Perhaps it’s not fair, but I expect more from Danes. She’s not Carrie Underwood, you know?

The Blah: Rose Byrne, Emilia Clarke

In theory, I love Rose Byrne’s Calvin Klein – it’s elegant, but a little edgy too…she certainly has the bod for it…but…couldn’t it have been a more exciting colour? And her hair? She is such a beauty, she could’ve looked 100% better.

I kind of liked Emilia Clarke in a custom-made Donna Karan. The goddess-like draping was nice…but was it groundbreaking? Was it good? Not really…just boring. The Khaleesi should never look boring, you guys!

The Bad: Carrie Underwood, Aubrey Plaza, Malin Ackerman

Oh, Carrie Underwood. This girl wore something I truly abhor – purple, bridesmaidy taffeta with a tacky diamond necklace. Just no. It’s not like I had any expectations here…but not only did she wear this dress, but she also made a mess of The Beatles’ Yesterday. Must she ruin everything?!

Aubrey Plaza, on the other hand, I really truly like. She’s a great actress and comedienne…She doesn’t even have to say anything – one look, and I erupt in giggles. She’s great! But that dress. Whoever chose this matronly mess for this pretty young thing should be fired immediately. Just no.

Last, but certainly not least on my Bad list is a fellow Canadian – Malin Ackerman. Malin went with the “white” trend on the red carpet, but unlike all the others, she decided to wear an actual wedding gown. I mean, how is this an award ceremony dress? This Monique Lhuillier gown is clearly a wedding dress, no doubt about it. Even Malin’s hair-do screams wedding to me. I expect a move like this from someone like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. Malin should know better.

The Interesting: Zosia Mamet

Zosia Mamet is another young actress that I like a lot, which is probably why I can’t decide whether she should go on my Best or Worst list. First of all, I appreciate that she chose something interesting. I would prefer this over 10,000 Malin Ackerman bridezilla looks, but that black thing on her bodice…like a strapless bra in a much smaller size…that thing is just too terrible to ignore. The print is so lovely, but it’s just too bad about the weird bra thing.

Photo Credits: Fabsugar

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