Orange Lipstick: Better Than Red?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Maybe you’ve noticed — we’re really excited about orange lipstick. This summery shade has somehow become appropriate for winter, and it’s (almost) vibrant enough to drag us out of our seasonal depression. 

The best part? As this trend catches on, there’s new inspiration every day for ways to rock an orange lip. With variations in shade and texture, there are enough options to keep us entertained for months. In fact, orange lips are slowly but surely starting to replace red lips as the go-to bold pout shade on celebs and real girls alike. Cue shocked gasps.

Scroll through to see our favorite recent orange lip looks and the products you need to copy them. From apricot to orange-y red, there’s a range of hues so delightful, we see no reason not to completely convert to the orange lifestyle. (Yes, it’s a lifestyle). 



Matte Apricot
A great way to ease into orange lipstick is to start with a light color, like this matte apricot. (Mapricot?) It looks gorgeous paired with a peachy blush, too.


This pale orange is just the ticket to create matte-apricot perfection. Layer it on for a more intense look, or simply swipe it once over your lips for a sheered-out tint.

Uslu Airlines Lipstick in Kat, $30.06, available at Uslu Airlines.



Melon is the new coral. It’s a little more orange than its predecessor and a whole lot more modern. With just a touch of pink, this orange lip looks gorgeous in a satin finish.


This long-lasting, creamy color has just a touch of shimmer. The perfect way to warm up a cold day, don’t you think?

Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Melon, $32, available at Sephora.
Luminous Blood Orange
Want to turn the volume up on your orange lip? Go for a luminous, glossy finish. The high shine plus the intense color will create an effect that no one will be able to look away from.
Oh, Tom Ford, why are your lipsticks always so perfect? Wild Ginger in particular is great to get that high-impact luminosity.

Tom Ford Tom Ford Lip Color in Wild Ginger, $49, available at Nordstrom.

Orangey Red 
If you’re a red lip kind of girl, there’s no reason that lip can’t skew orange. In fact, few things in life stand out more than this lipstick hue. We’re going to give our blue-red lippies a rest for a bit while we immerse ourselves in this color.
This Mandarin red provides a perfect pop of orange-y goodness. And, the lovely velvet finish doesn’t hurt, either.

NARS Timanfaya Satin Lip Pencil, $25, available at NARS.
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