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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

For those of you whom follow me on instagram or on my FB page you would know that last week I headed to Allenora to have party makeup and hair done by Ghazia. Actually, initially I was booked with Noor as Ghazia was unavailable however since there were three of us waiting in line (My mom, my self and I along with a few brides!), Ghazia took over my makeup. I have been to Ghazia twice before and have never ever been let down thus this time too I chose Allenora.

The Details:

Our appointment card said we had to be there between 3 and 4 in the afternoon however since I had to run a few last minute errands we showed up at 4:15. I was expecting a bit of a “huff” with the receptionists as in the past even if I am only 15 minutes late, they seem to make a huge deal… however, instead she took me upstairs to the makeup studios where 2 brides were having their hair done and asked me to take a seat. A few minutes later a girl showed up with a glass of ice cold water (Much needed and I’m guessing she could tell I was out in the heat because my face was excessively red) and Noor, who was initially going to do my makeup came up to my sister and I and started asking us about our outfits and what kind of hair and makeup we wanted.

My outfit was a white kurta from Unbeatable with capris and transparent (with gold lace detailing) peep toe pumps from Charles and Keith so I wanted the makeup to be gold-ish with glitter (I LOVE GLITTER!) and something a little smokey. Instantly Noor began working on my little sister and during that time, I had my hair and extensions curled. When my hair was done Ghazia told me to take a seat in her studio and she began doing my makeup. I believe Noor and her spoke before hand because Ghazia knew EXACTLY what I wanted. She went a little heavy on the contouring which scared me at first but when I saw the final look…I was literally in shock. I thought I looked AMAZING (sorry I may sound narcissistic but I took a selfie and was drooling over it because I couldn’t believe that was me!)

The Result:

I mean I cannot get over how I look in this picture! I absolutely loved the makeup and the pinkish tinted lips. I took this picture right after I got out of the salon and was in the car. 
The complete ensemble. I tied up my hair into a side pony because it was too hot and I was continuously sweating. My makeup however, did not budge even the slightest bit thanks to setting spray (LADIES, IT ACTUALLY LEGIT WORKS!)
So for all you ladies out there, don’t be afraid of having your party makeup done from a salon. I know it may be a bit scary as you may not get the look you want however remember, you can always touch up and fix it up last minute at home. Also, initally makeup (especially blush and contouring) may feel too dark. Do keep in mind that it does gradually become lighter and more subtle. 
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