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It’s going to be a Year of Yellow in 2009. We can blame Tani aka Anushka Sharma for having a yellow fetish in Rab Ne Bana De Jodi.
The interpretation of yellow has taken a different twist — be it fashion, style, astrology or feng shui. Yellow is the colour of happiness, charm and cheeriness.

Girls in yellow, are perceived to be more vibrant and have a sunshine quality. Enough of gloom and doom! There’s an abundance of yellow all around. Be it Shah Rukh’s yellow car, tiffin or clothes or Anushka’s yellow suit in Rab Ne Bana De Jodi; or Madonna airburshed to perfection for Louis Vuitton spring/summer ad campaign wearing an yellow feather skirt. Everyone’s going to be yelling yellow in 2009!

Yellow Goes To Bollywood
Yet, it’s not about colour. Everyone’s grasping to yellow for it represents happiness, warmth, prosperity. Designer Aki Narula, who conceptualised the yellow craze in Rab Ne says, “Yellow is going to be the colour of life after a period of gloom. We carefully choose yellow as the colour of life. When women wear this colour there’s a certain vibrancy. Kareena carries yellow beautifully. Aditya Chopra and I predicted yellow will be huge in 2009 — Tani wears yellow for her sangeet and whenever something good happens, yellow keeps appearing in her life. Cheers to the colour of happiness.”

Yellow On Fashion
There are bursts of yellow in the spring/summer 2009 catwalks. The cheery, sunny yellow colour comes as a change. Last week, Pantone, the global authority on colour, named yellow, as the colour of 2009. This ‘warm and engaging’ shade represents hope and optimism. Going all yellow will be: designers Christopher Kane, Giles, Tommy Hilfiger and Ossie Clark.

Even London’s Financial Times reports, the future’s yellow. We’ve had Cate Blanchett wearing a yellow Valentino gown to the Oscars to collect her award for The Aviator. Pantone’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman says, yellow represents “the nurturing quality of the sun.” Says designer Anupama Dayal, “Yellow is about happiness, cheer and fashion courage to me. Also about essential sunlight and energy. I am a yellow person and I get it dyed in various shades and hugely enjoy working with it. I think it will be a good weapon of positive empowerment! Even the Thai people love yellow colour.”

Earlier, we’ve had yellow brightened the runways of Carolina Herrera, rather her favourite shade was marigold.
In many Spanish-speaking countries, wearing yellow panties into the New Year brings wealth and luck. Most Spanish women will be wearing yellow lingerie to bring in a lucky 2009. Says designer Anand Kabra, “Yellow has been one of my favoured colours since the past year. To me, it is a very ‘feel good’ colour which also looks great on the Indian skin tone and translates beautifully. It definitely is a very optimistic colour.” Are women comfortable in yellow? “Not really,” says designer Raakesh Agarvwal, “You need to have the nerve to wear yellow. I’ve done lots of yellow clothes recently. It’s a shade women wear when they’re feeling down to uplift their mood.” Meanwhile, designer Gaurav Gupta’s interpretation of yellow has been sublte, “Till recently, I wasn’t very comfortable with this shade. But now, I’m using it quite a bit. It’s sporty and chic.”

Yellow Eyes
Big eyes with yellow eyeshadow, anyone. If you’ve got a tan, yellow could make you look super glamourous. “In autumn, one can use a gold yellowy shade for the eyes. To enhance green or hazel eyes, yellow colour eyeshadow is perfect. Yellow in make-up makes you glow and look brighter,” says make-up expert Komal Gulati.

Yellow For Good Luck
Does yellow signify prosperity in 2009? “Yes,” says astrologer Sunita Chabra, “Yellow is the colour of Jupiter and signifies prosperity. If you want to make money, just wear more yellow in 2009. And also eat yellow fruits — papaya, lemon and mangoes.” Do you need a bit of yellow feng shui to kickstart your relationships? “Yes” says feng shui expert Gita Kapoor, “Yellow represents the energy from the sun. It’s a gentle colour and excellent for women and children. It makes everyone happy. Yellow is a yang colour in feng shui, it is as auspicious as red. Wear yellow for cheerful relationships.”

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