Do great beauties make great models?

Do you need to be a born beauty to become a supermodel?

It takes more than good features to connect with the camera. Says fashion photographer Vikram Bawa, “All that matters is how well you connect with the camera, looks are secondary. Lara Dutta is extremely gorgeous but Priyanka Chopra is more photogenic and charismatic. That’s why Priyanka is so successful.”

Chemistry with Camera
You should have great chemistry with the camera. Fashion photographer Anushka Menon agrees, “An unconventional and exotic beauty like Lakshmi Menon has become an international brand in the modelling world because of her ability to flaunt her enticing self in front of the camera.”

Killer Attitude
Meanwhile, designer Raghavendra Rathore says, “Beauty is more of a cultural orientation. It’s definition is constantly evolving. Being beautiful is about showcasing your inner-strength. It brings freshness and is essential for the right look for the season. It gets the model noticed. Internationally, designers like Jean Paul Gaultier do not use conventionally good-looking models to showcase their designs. Rather, they highlight the personality of the model.” Meanwhile, grooming guru Meyhar Bhasin says, “Modeling is all about attitude, an ability to flirt with the camera with élan and not just good looks.”

Perfect posture
The camera is quick to capture a great body. AdmanPrahlad Kakkar feels, “Beauty has become synonymous with great bone structure. That is a must for every supermodel. The camera has the ability to exaggerate flaws in models. Nothing less than a perfect combo of super bone structure, a sculpted body, chemistry with the camera — are needed to make heads turn in the fashion world.” While model Jesse Randhawa says, “Connecting with the camera is a skill that develops with experience but a good bone structure definitely helps you grab attention.”Anushka agrees, “Camera connect is something that builds over time but good looks do help a fresh face get the initial break. In fact, it is the responsibility of the photographer to get the best from any model.” Meyhar too admits that, “A beautiful face is definitely an advantage in the hugely competitive modeling industry.”

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