Top 8 Winter Skin Care Tips

Winters! The most waited time of the year for most of the people. For most people winters doesn’t only bring, hot chocolates, nuts, coffees and cappuccino but dry, flaky and rough skin as well. While you enjoy the perks and fun of the winters, you should also try to keep your skin safe from all the damages that winter season can cause it. Winters simply means dryness and stiffness of your skin, which results in flaking and cracking of the skin of your hands, feet and other body parts.

It is time you get aware! We are here to guide you on this, how you can take care of your skin just by following some simple and easy steps. This will not only keep your skin in a better condition but will also make it look healthier, younger and flattering.

So, we have rounded up the most easiest and simplest ways in which you can manage your skin and get a totalflawless skin that will make every women envy you.

Moisture Therapy

For a good looking skin, moisture is very important; therefore get yourself good moisturizers keeping in mind that it should be oil-based and not water-based as oil maintains a good protected layer on your skin looking the moisture inside, which might run-off because of cold, dry air outside.

Extra Hot Water

Avoid extensive hot water showers and baths as hot water makes your skin dry and stiff which results in flaks and cracks on your skin, which can cause cuts as well. Therefore, avoid hot water tubs instead use Luke warm water.


Most people believe that sunscreens are just for summers but let us let you, you are wrong here! The sun rays are moredangerous for your skin in winters. So get good layers of sun screen on your skin that is oil based, because it will keep your skin protected and moisturized as well.

Hand Care

Your hands need equal care in winters as the layers of skin on your hands are thinner than the most parts of your body. Your hands get exposed to everything that can take away the oil from it. Get yourself a good pair of soft gloves to keep your hands covered from the cold that can cause irritation and itching on your skin. Use a good hand cream after every hand wash.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is best for your skin in winters as its natural and chemical free. It helps your skin glow and locks in the moisture. You can also use it before makeup in order to keep your makeup last longer. You can also apply it on your hands as makes your hands softer and if you apply it on your cheeks; you will notice soft, smooth and prettier cheeks in just few days.

Get Hydrated

Water is the key to good and glowing skin. Water keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. Just because you don’t get thirsty does not mean your body does not need it. Drink lots of water and stay healthy. At least eight to twelve glasses of water is recommended.

Avoid Heat

Winters calls for heaters and heated areas, but if you want to save your skin from any kind of damage, stay from heated areas or avoid sitting in heated areas for a very long time. Heat removes all the moisture from your skin leaving it dry and dead.

Switch Products

Winters means it is time to change your beauty products as well. Many people continue using the products they use insummers and spring which is just not right. Use products that can supply a good amount of moisture to your skin so that your skin looks fresh and smooth.

Here are the guidelines that you can follow to get a perfect skin even in winters. Read it, learn it, and follow it! Your Perfect skin awaits you.

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