Mayor Tory, Chief Blair Give Advice to Police Recruits at Graduation Ceremony

Toronto Mayor, John Tory, and Police Chief, Bill Blair, were present among other special guests at the passing out or graduation ceremony of eighty-eight police recruits on Thursday. Mr. Tory advised the to-be officers to remain accessible and act professionally, even in pressure-cooker situations.

In his remarks, Mr. Tory explained that “fair or unfair, people like us — you as police officers and me as an elected leader — our honesty and integrity are under constant scrutiny because we have been given such extraordinary responsibilities.” He further went on to allege that while making split-second decisions “that relate to right or wrong,” you should consider two “quick and simple tests that usually work: ‘What would my mother or father think about what I am about to think of doing here?’ and ‘how will it look on the front page of the newspaper if it was written up?’” Tory stressed that if you keep these principles in mind, “you probably won’t go too far wrong.”

Meanwhile, Chief Blair also gave some words of advice to the recruits about segments of society that “see that police are not to be trusted, that they are the subject of police bias, that the criminal-justice system does not provide justice for them” but said police in Toronto and Canada enjoy almost unprecedented public support. He highlighted that “you can only maintain that trust if you truly respect the people that we are sworn to serve and protect. I do not suggest to you this will always be easy.”

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