A charming lad made me uncomfortable by passing a few comments on my face. I wonder if he was blind as my face is full of painful pimples for some unknown reason. I speak as if I just came through the door of the Victorian era. I adore Britons with all my heart and soul and I wish I could speak in pure British. I pour all of my desire to speak British English in my blog posts; I hope you do not mind me speaking like a harebrained person. I am happy to announce the fact that I recently started writing for a Dubai-based magazine called ‘The Saffron Insider’; I’m one of their beauty contributors, so make sure you grab a copy if you reside in Dubai. I was completely surprised when they asked me to write for their magazine; I have this strange perception that I’m not good enough, but a lot of people encourage me to write, and that certainly means the world to me. I'm pleased to state that this particular article is sponsored by a Sweden-based company called 'Du'vi Stockholm'. Read my PR policy before spamming my comments section with your outrageous and hateful comments; all of my opinions are completely honest and unbiased. I do not believe in providing false information to my readers. One of their representatives asked me to review a few of their products; I was fascinated with the idea of trying their ‘Green Tea Face Wash’, and I’ve been using it ever since I received it. I even mentioned it in my article I wrote for ‘The Saffron Insider’.
It took me so long to post this review because I wasn’t using any new products. Anyway, let’s proceed with the review. I received 2 of their products; a face wash and a skin-brightening face cream. I’m quite pale, so I don’t see the need of using a whitening cream; I’ll pass it on to someone else, but learn to embrace what you already own because there’s no such thing as perfection. Unfortunately, someone stole my moisturizer a couple of days ago. Can you believe this? I cried my heart out because I purchased it from 'The Body Shop', and it was an expensive product. However, I tried the ‘White Daisy Skin Brightening Face Cream’ by ‘Du'vi Stockholm’ because I had nothing to moisturize my face. I’m relieved to state the fact that this particular product worked really well for me, my skin felt extremely soft and hydrated. I appreciate brands who come up with organic products; I really liked the fact that this cream is made up of 96% natural ingredients. Furthermore, it has the ability to reduce the production of melanin. If you are not aware of what melanin is, then I’d be happy to give you a brief description – melanin is accountable for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight. You can reduce its production by applying products that are specifically formulated to work against the natural process. There’s absolutely no harm in using such products. I won’t drag this any further, but if you’re not satisfied with your skin tone, then try using this product as it’s all natural and claims to give you a prominent result within 14 days.
Moving on to the face wash, I am certainly satisfied with the quality of this product as it’s good for all those individuals who have acne prone skin. I used it twice a day when I had mild acne and it gave me a satisfactory result by reducing the redness of most of my pimples. I’m using a medicated soap for now, but I’ll resume using it in a few days. I’m not certain about the prices, and I don’t expect them to be cheap because they’re made up of good quality ingredients. Moreover, I almost forgot to mention a very important fact that all of these products are Paraben and Phenoxyethanol free, so you’re basically getting all natural and premium products.

I'm addicted to scents that are floral and sweet, but I do not want my skincare products to contain any sort of scent. They have 7 products in total, and I would love to try some of their scrubs. I've been spending too much on the books lately, so I need to save some money. Speaking of the books, I recently placed an order on and I cannot wait to get my hands on the 'Red Crown' series. What are you reading these days? I shall see you in one of my next posts, and I hope you lovely lasses enjoy reading my posts where I blab like a fool.

PS: I DID NOT like the fact that both of these products were extremely dirty when they came to me. I had to clean them with a soap so I could take decent pictures.


Until next time!

Rating: 4/5 – Recommended 

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