Chinese Catfish with Garlic Sauce Recipe

Catfish with Garlic Sauce 


600g or 1.3 lb Cat Fish

16 Garlic Cloves, skinned

3 Tablespoons Minced Scallion

1 Tablespoon Sesame Oil

1 Tablespoon Chinese “Garlic Leek”

½ Tablespoon Cooking Wine

1 teaspoon Minced Ginger



1 Cup Water

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

1/2 Tablespoon Black Vinegar

2 teaspoons Sugar

1/4 teaspoon Pepper.


1/2 Tablespoon Water

1 teaspoon Corn Starch


Wash and drain the fish, cut into 3 cm pieces. Cut the white part of the garlic leek into diagonal slices, and shred the green leaves.

Heat the wok, add 3 Tablespoons oil. Heat to hot and stir fry minced garlic to fragrant.

Add in white parts of the garlic leek, ginger and fish; fry for 1 minute.

Add in wine and seasoning A. Cover and braise over low heat for 10 minutes.

Thicken with B. Pour sesame oil over the fish and sprinkle on minced scallion and shredded green garlic leek. Serve hot.

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