Finding Shangri La: The Case for Staying Positive

It is so easy to be pulled off center isn’t it?  A welcomed telephone call or visit from a friend can turn into a depressing, negative swirl of doom in just under 5 minutes.  We can turn on the television, radio, computer screen, iPod, test message, and in one fell swoop our sense of security, serenity and even our sensibility can be washed away in an undertow of gloom.  When we understand the effect this has on our ability to attract success, love and all good things, we will want to run for cover or wear a sign on our chest that says something like, "If you’re talking to me—be positive".  We all know how it feels to be around someone who is complaining, accident prone, problem prone, and just plain whiney and who can’t make the connection between their emotions and their events.  We feel like someone has pulled the plug on our energy.  In truth, they have.  The swirl of depleting "reverse" prana or life force is like a quasar, a black hole, that absorbs anything that is living or giving off light.  It can take up to a whole day to recover from such an encounter depending on the severity of the experience.  What we need is to really be willing to not be like that ourselves.  Next, to find a way to make it as plain as apple pie that we don’t want to listen to the stream of negativity.  We can succeed by making a little game out of it.  When they lob the ball into your court with a negative statement about real estate or bank fees or the crime rate or the political situation, send the ball back by giving a mini-lecture about how you view things from a more positive standpoint.  Have a few ready catch phrases.  Explain that by being positive they are grounding themselves to better things coming their way and that the opposite is true if they keep stirring that black swirl of doom around themselves.  When they find that they can’t twist you into a knot of negativity, they will leave you as they found you, in a good, positive, successful and happy mood.  Just stay positive. Believe………
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