Finding Shangri La: Breaking Up and Cutting Out : Bad Mobile Mantras

It sounds like something from  Star Trek doesn’t it? Or worse, something from another ‘end times’ movie.  No one likes to think of themselves as breaking up. Whether it’s a bone or a relationship, the phrase is just plain dangerous.  So is "cutting out"!  Isn’t that something that they do to parts of your body that are diseased?  The thing is that if you’re on a mobile phone speaking to someone on a land line, it is almost fairly sure of certain that YOU are the one who is having the reception problem, not the land line.  To project to your phone guest that he or she is breaking up or cutting out’ is not only rude, but you are projecting very negative input to your guests’ subconscious mind.  No one wants to be cut out or broken up.  In trying to Find Shangri La: we are called upon to really be conscious of how we express ourselves.  I know that when I’m told that I’m breaking up or cutting out, I immediately assure the person on the other end that  I am well and stable on my good old dependable land line.  It can also be like being in a Star Trek movie, sometimes, due to the time-delayed interface between the two phone systems.  One winds up talking over the other person simply because of the time delay.  I cannot emphasize enough, even if I write in capitol letters, the paramount importance of speaking, as much as possible, from a good phone’ in a quiet setting, using clear non-slang sentences’ if you want to set yourself apart in the most critical times we have known for really standing out in the crowd as superior.  If there are 20 applicants for a job or to win a contract and you are on a mobile phone with a lot of interference, talking from a  noisy room, and telling the person you are trying to impress, that they are breaking up or cutting out, or talking over them because of the time-lapse, you’re sabotaging yourself and perhaps not knowing why.  If you must tell someone that you can’t hear them—-as good courtesy—-never tell them that they are breaking up or cutting out.  Simply state that there is a lot of interference on the line.  Ask if they can hear you clearly. Or, offer to call them back.  Don’t miss out on really shining on those important calls.  Be someone who never threatens anyone else’s well-being or health, or your own success by using Bad Mobile Mantras.  Believe in these simple strategies to succeed.  Believe……
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