Double dose against chickenpox is better than one

According to the latest findings of Canada’s pediatricians, children must be given double shots of the chickenpox vaccine in order to ascertain they would never catch chicken pox again. For over a decade, the Canadian Paediatric Society suggested that adolescents should be vaccinated at least once to prevent chickenpox.

All around the world, kids generally get their first vaccination between 12 and 18 months of age.

When there was no vaccine invented, there were roughly 5,000 people complaining chickenpox every year in Canada. However, surveillance programs explain that the number of hospitalizations for children has gone down by up to 84 per cent in a few provinces ever since the vaccine was launched.

Whereas, latest facts imply that two shots are better than one. CPS says double shots assure lifelong protection against chickenpox. Therefore, do not forget to give another dose of the vaccine to your children when they turn 5 years old.

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