Toronto rally urges impediment of health-care cuts

Government officials in Ontario were pushed for impeding health-care slashes and privatization and make health care a top campaign priority at a rally at the parliament. According to rally coordinators, hundreds of people travelled to Toronto from across Ontario in busses to insist on their demands.

The majority was waving signs that read: “I am voting for health care” or “Citizens of Welland to McGuinty: Hands off our hospital services.”

Many seniors, health-care employees and associates of different unions demanded to stop hospital bed closures, staff downsizing and privatization of health care. According to a few seniors, they ask for a bookkeeping of where government spending on health care sets out, alleging too much goes to administration and not adequate is used up on health-care staff.

According to Natalie Mehra of Ontario Health Coalition, access to care is a grave matter in Ontario and all the officials are accountable. On the record, Ontario has suffered through 18,500 hospital beds cut since 1990 and has 24,000 people on the waiting list for nursing home beds and 10,000 waiting for home care.

Mehra added: “We have a very serious access to care issue that needs to be raised. Will the next government be reopening closed hospital beds and services? How do they really intend to cut emergency wait times in half without actually opening beds to admit those patients into?”

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