De Jong apologizes for misread scans

Late treatments and misdiagnosis have so far killed at least three B.C. residents. Due to negligence, poor supervision and lack of a reliable monitoring of diagnostic imaging patients are suffering. There are gaps in the system including practitioners who failed to provide enough readings of medical tests.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Mike de Jong apologized to patients, their families and the public. He said: “To all of these patients, and their families, I, we, are very, very sorry.”

He also informed that immediate fixes are being made to avert such slip-ups in the future and potential compensation for patients and their families is being considered.

At least a dozen patients’ care was directly troubled by the diagnostic scans, Dr. Doug Cochrane, chairman of the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, said at a press conference in Vancouver. He added that in a few instances treatment would have been postponed as a result of, for example, the spread of a cancer going unobserved.

Dr. Cochrane said: “Delays in treatment occurred, changes in treatment occurred, tests were repeated. There were additional interventions and procedures because of these errors.”

He also told the media that serious discrepancies were discovered with only CT scans, not with mammograms, ultrasounds or plain X-ray tests.

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