Slim or Not, Exercise Helps Your Heart

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Physically active yet not slim men are basically taking care of their hearts, which in turn decreases the risk of premature death.

Researchers in America examined the fitness levels of 14,345 men using treadmill tests over six years. People should not be concerned about their weight providing they carry on maintaining or increasing fitness levels, researchers claim.

“This is good news for people who are physically active but can’t seem to lose weight,” said the study’s lead researcher, Duck-chul Lee, a physical activity epidemiologist in the department of exercise science at the University of South Carolina.

“You can worry less about your weight as long as you continue to maintain or increase your fitness levels,” he added.

Other aspects for instance age, family history of heart disease, starting fitness level, changes in lifestyle factors (smoking and physical activity), and medical conditions were considered in the analysis. The researchers noted that the participants were mainly cultured American men from middle to high socioeconomic backgrounds.

“In conclusion, maintaining or improving fitness is associated with a lower risk of premature deaths from all-causes and cardiovascular disease in men,” the study’s authors wrote.

“Increased attention needs to be placed on strategies to maintain or improve fitness.”

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