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Acharya Sri KhadiM adama

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Lost Horizon: Pose of the Sun: Rice and Vegetable Pullao Shangri La

“Haven’t you ever dreamed of a place, a place like no other. A Shangri La. A place where there are no cares, no war, or sickness? A place hidden, perhaps, in a secret valley high atop the world, above the clouds, beneath a blue enchanted moon?” These are the opening words from the novel “Lost Horizon”, from which the movie was made. I have chosen this as my launch movie because it captures the very essence of what I tried to create for my viewers on the set of Yours Truly, Yoga during its 4 years on cable.

The thing about Lost Horizon the movie, is that it is such a wonderful metaphor for viewing our own journey and the people we meet along the way who can show us where we are stuck in our own development. And, it teaches us through the main character, Robert Conway, how to handle difficult, seemingly insurmountable circumstances with grace, and yet through it all, reaching our highest potential.

Robert Conway’s brother is a wonderful teacher for us. Through him we learn about our own lack of faith, our own impatience, lack of self-responsibility, selfishness and a host of other large personality flaws. Here’s George in Shangri La. The most perfect place on Earth. He never has to work again. He gets to wear perfectly tailored oriental clothing, delicious organic food prepared for him every day, to live in beautifully appointed rooms in a palace with servants, and on top of that a beautiful girl who is willing to hand roll cigarettes for him, which smoked, won’t ever age him or make him sick. The kicker is that George still isn’t happy. He sets off to leave paradise and dies in an avalanche buried by the snows of time. I don’t know about any of you, but it sure gave me a lot to think about. And, it gave me a walloping appetite. As you pop in the DVD to enjoy this time honored venerable movie that changed my life forever, set up the ingredients for this month’s recipe and get ready for some Yoga to help you recover from George’s childish and annoying behavior.

The Pose of the Sun

Stand, feet together. Inhale through the nostrils as you raise your arms up over your head and interlock your thumbs, fingers extended. Imagine that you are facing the sun, with it shining on your forehead. Keep your posture straight as you continue to breathe deeply, about 5 times. Now, interlace your fingers and move them down to the back of your head. Continue to breathe imagining that the sun is shining on the base of your neck, again for another 5 times. Inhale, open your arms, moving them outward and down with the last exhalation. When weather permits, take your practice of The Pose of the Sun outside where you can actually feel the sun’s powerful energy flowing into your body.

Bela’s Rice and Vegetable Pullao Shangri La

2 cups of Basmati or fine rice, washed and soaked in cold water for 1/2 hour. Drain.

1 tablespoon oil

1/4 stick of salted butter.

3-4 cardamom pods

3-4 cloves

1 stick of cinnamon

1 medium onion, chopped

1 teaspoon Chili Seasoning powder

1 10 oz package of frozen mixed vegetables

Salt to taste

3 cups of boiled, hot water.

Heat the oil and butter in a heavy skillet on medium heat. Add the cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Stir fry for a few seconds. Add the onions, and fry until soft. Add rice, salt, Chili Powder and stir fry for a few more minutes. Add 3 cups of the hot water. Bring to a boil once on high heat. Stir once, cover and cook on low heat for about 20 minutes.
Add the vegetables on top of the rice. Cover and cook another 10-12 minutes. Before serving, fluff rice with a fork to avoid breaking the rice. This way it resembles the fluffy snow of Shangri La where you too, will be transported to the enchanted Valley of the Blue Moon. Sherpas not included.

Excerpts from Yoga, Dinner and a Movie will appear weekly.  For those who prefer not to wait for the whole book, please visit where you can purchase it in its entirety.

Author, Speaker and Visionary, Acharya Sri Khadi Madama is the recipient of the Jewel of India Award, in New Delhi in 2009.  You may visit her website at

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