Yoga: Improving Your Work Environment

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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Yoga offers us many ways to correct what I call temporal shifts in our body alignment that are created by constant postural demands at work or commuting, many of which create long range damage. It is through becoming aware of how we use our bodies through body language that we can avert the ravages of speaking bad body language and to start speaking Yoga Body Language. The spine is the key to interpreting our health since all movement radiates from the spine and the spine contains all of the nerves that flow to our internal organs and nervous system. The more mobile the spine, the more energy and vibrant health in the body. The Yogi can achieve complete health in proportion to his awareness of how he moves from the spine. For those who sit for hours at work, the slumping forward with tilted spine and contracted muscles crimp the nerves and impede blood flow to the brain cutting off oxygen.

Let’s start this week off right by beginning our Yoga Body Language with an erect spine which says, “I’m confident, successful and feel good about myself”. This will create an air of success around you that people will be able to read and respond to favorably, as well.

Every half hour cue yourself to sit up straight and take a deep breath. Mentally talk that Yoga Body talk by telling yourself that you are successful, confident and attractive. Visualize a tall Pine Tree with its branches flowing gracefully and imagine breathing in its refreshing scent for a mini-meditation spiritual uplift. If you work or live near such a tree, just touching a branch for a few minutes will energize you. Yogi’s are known for graceful deliberate movement and agility.The important thing is that Yoga offers us ancient knowledge to create this vibrant health anywhere we are.

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