Eat juicy, crunchy treats to be smarter

They add tang and crunch to breads, cereals, yogurt . . . and they do a little something for your brain, too. We’re talking about berries and walnuts.

Turns out that the polyphenols in walnuts and berries help quell the inflammation and oxidative stress that can injure the brain and lead to memory problems over time.

Potent brain protection

In fact, the polyphenols in berries and walnuts – as well as in grape juice – are so powerful, some research suggests they might even help reverse cognitive decline once it occurs. For example, in one study of older adults with mild dementia, the subjects performed better on memory tests after grape juice was added to their diets. So sprinkle some nuts and berries on your breakfast cereal, serve it with a side of grape juice, and let brain-boost begin.

Other cerebrum supporters
Keep the light in your lighthouse burning brightly with these additional brain-protection strategies:

Eat fat. The kind from fish, that is.

Peel yourself off the couch. Your brain loves a little activity.

Play mind games. Games and puzzles do for your brain what treadmills and weights do for your body – keep it lean and mean.

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