Yoga; Improving Your Life At Work

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Yoga; Improving Your Life At WorkPreparing for that next difficult project could be the difference between going into what will feel like an Olympic Decathlon unprepared, or going in ‘raring to go’ knowing you are going to win. Fortunately, Yoga offers quite a few time tested means for navigating through such a time. Once you know that you’re going to have to be on extended travel, attending endless meetings where you’re sitting so much you feel like you are becoming the chair, eating on the fly, or worse, not getting to eat at all, and last but not least, functioning on less sleep and functioning under more than usual pressure, you will be able to (metaphorically speaking) create a little Yoga magic to get you through. Like the old Yoga Fakirs who could perform incredible feats, here are a few Yoga tricks that you can pull out of your basket like the rope that mysteriously floats up to the sky in the Magic Rope Trick, except you’ll be feeling great for real.

1. Make sure you are completely organized for the project/travel/conference at least 2 days before the start. In this way your mind won’t be drained before you begin with trying to remember anything and you’ll have 2 days before to relax.

2. If you’ll be functioning in a different time zone, start 1 week in advance making adjustments to your sleep patterns so that the jet lag won’t impact you as much.

3. Whether you are away or working in your office on this demanding project, prepare to keep yourself nourished and hydrated by packing juices, easy to eat fruits such as apples, bananas and nuts. These will keep you going if you can’t get out, better than junk and they travel easily. I’m known for always traveling with a small plug in tea pot, herbal teas and fruit, particularly if I’m away on a film shoot where I need to stay in for the night to review my script. It’s very filling and will do well in a pinch to add to your stamina.

4. Remember that just hanging forward from the waist to relieve shoulder and neck tension and to allow the spine to expand again is an almost instant Yoga technique that you an do almost anywhere.

5. If you can, get out of your shoes and walk around your office furniture as if it’s a labyrinth, while breathing and silently saying the most simple ‘mantra’ such as, “The sun is in the sky, all is well”. Simply but amazingly effective.

6. Practicing the Deep Relaxation Pose (Savasana) is vital for being able to substitute for lack of sleep. The old Yoga masters say that when practiced perfectly for 30 minutes, one can function with no sleep. One of my early teachers was able to do this very effectively and I can attest to its efficacy.

Laying on top of your bed in a completely quiet and dim or dark room. Place your feet about 1-2 feet apart. Your hands, palms up along side of your body. Begin to focus on your breathing without trying to control it, but letting it flow. Turn your attention now to your right big toe, commanding it to relax, doing the same with all of your left toes, moving upwards naming each part of the left leg, hands, fingers, shoulder. Now repeat the process on the right. Relax your spine, from the base to the top, between your shoulders. Begin to relax your abdominal muscles, stomach, internal organs, heart, lungs and chest muscles. Continue on to relax, mentally commanding your body to relax your neck, left side of your face, right side. Finish with your chin, lower lip, upper lip, bridge of the nose, forehead, top of the head, back of the head and base of the neck. Avoid moving for as long as possible. Place your mind inwardly as if entering the most beautiful, loving space your can enter, a safe haven or harbor. Allow your mind to go over every detail of gratitude that you have and know that in this inner realm you are well, joyful, successful and last but not least, completely rested.

Use this time tested technique to restore your body and mind, both before you embark on the work-a-thon and after the completion of the project or trip to restore yourself. Your inner haven. Yoga Works!

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