Can’t control weight gain?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Kept your calorie count in check and yet ended up piling on the kilos? This could be the reason…

Lack of Sleep
Many a time, we end up compromising on our sleep. However, when we don’t get enough sleep, the body goes through physiological stress. As a result, it ends up storing fat more effectively than ever. In the process, we stock far more calories than we require, resulting in weight gain. Symptoms that indicate lack of sleep and inadequate rest are fatigue and low energy levels. Always make sure you meet your daily sleep requirement if you want to keep your weight under check.

Being under stress for a prolonged period triggers a bio-chemical process in our body wherein our metabolism slows down. This means that even if you stick to your daily requirement of calories, you might still be putting on weight, courtesy the slowdown of metabolism system. Moreover, such stress causes weight gain specifically around your waist. So, if your waist line has been on a constant rise, you need to pay attention to your stress levels.

Some drugs meant to deal with depression, migraines and blood pressure and even those taken during hormone replacement therapy may lead to weight gain. These drugs have various effects on the body, from an increase in appetite to rise in the body’s insulin levels. Very often, it’s hard to point out the exact drug that’s causing weight gain because different drugs have different effects on the body. In this case, consult your doctor.

Medical condition
A deficiency of the thyroid hormone, known as hypothyroidism is a common medical condition that leads to weight gain. The medical condition decreases metabolism, causes appetite loss and leads to weight gain. Feeling lethargic or sleeping too much are symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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