Yoga: Managing Travel and Road Stress

The ancient epics of India abound with tales of the Juggernauts in their golden chariots able to traverse great expanses of the sky. Yogis have a pose known as Garudhasana, the majestic, sacred hawk on which Vishnu flew. In Persian lore magical flying carpets were another conveyance and yet in other great stories, the white elephant who grants his passenger’s wish to ride him safely anywhere he wishes to go. No traffic jams or long waits at the airport and no impatient people blowing horns or cutting in front. Lovely. But how can we achieve a degree of serenity when all around us appears to be a chaotic swirl of hurried chaos?

Let’s start with what I call, The Golden Key Breathing Technique. It’s not rocket science but it will go along way to reeling in your jangled nerves. Each time you put your key into the ignition, take a deep breath, hold for 3 counts while you turn the key, then exhale. This process will give you a simple, effective Yoga Time Lapse. The kind of space that allows you to clear any frenzied energy that will ‘drive you to a state of nervous exhaustion’ before your day gets started. Not driving? Use the method when the other driver inserts the key. It will still work. Once you are home, take a deep breath before you turn off the key. Hold the breath for 3 counts, then exhale and power down your car. Just enough space for calm and for your mind to imagine YOU as the mystical travelers of myths and legend. Yoga Works! For more information about how to improve the morale and productivity of your employees email, Acharya Khadi at

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