Yoga: Creating a Fantasy Rooftop Garden

I once had a marvelous mechanic. He worked very hard each day, often in extreme heat of summer and drafty garages with constantly opening bay doors in the colder months. Mechanic garages can be very dismal, noisy places to work at times, but my friend was always looking for a way to find his own garden spot, even in the middle of all that macadam. Every spring he would go outside at work and find a little plot of earth anywhere he could that was safe from repair shop refuse and trampling. He’d start tomato seedlings, chilies and other small vegetables. On each break he would go and tend that garden and he looked forward to the progress it would make each day. When the tomatoes were ripe, he would eat them with his lunch. This was his little paradise. He found a way to bring that joy into his day. You can fantasize about having a rooftop garden towards which to escape where you work, or you can find a way to bring it to you. If there is an area where you can bring in plants to care for during the day, or a small plot of earth somewhere, you will be truly moving yourself forward towards controlling stress, as studies have shown that as little as 4 minutes per day spent in a garden or tending a garden considerably reduce stress hormones. Perhaps you can rescue plants that no one else cares about and bring them back to life, and your sanity with them?

While tending your plants, use the time as a moving mindful meditation really seeing the plants, breathing deeply while tending to them. Making a deeper connection while watering them, watching the water seep into the surrounding earth. Breathe, open-eye meditate, try to sense the essence of the plants, connect with the water. It’s all good. Yoga Works!


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