Yoga: The All Seeing Eye, Genie’s Lamp & Flying Carpet: Great Office Tools!

In the classic film, The Thief of Baghdad made in 1940, the young Indian actor Sabu steals the All-Seeing Eye from the statue of a Goddess. In addition he finds a magic lantern with a wish granting Genie and on top of that, steals a flying carpet to navigate more efficiently. Naturally, he helps the prince save the princess and all is well in the land. But what of the workplace. How can these fantasy tools improve your working life? The All-Seeing Eye is the metaphor for being able to focus clearly on the work ahead in order to bring about its successful outcome. The Genie’s Lamp is a metaphor for being able to communicate effectively. In the movie, one wish, not clearly spoken, causes the wrong result. Clarity for success is essential. The Flying Carpet is the metaphor for being able to rise above any situation and to move forward regardless of obstacles. When you are on a clear path to success and achieve it, others will think you did it effortlessly as if you had the All-Seeing Eye, a Genie’s Wish Granting Lamp, and a Flying Carpet. In essence what you had was good concentration to stay focused on the goal and the stick-to-it attitude that moved you to greater heights. To develop a keen sense of concentration and focus, try this technique:

The All-Seeing Eye Meditation: Close your eyes, imagine that you have a light at the center of your forehead as shiny as a diamond. You may not see it, but keep peering into the black velvet inner screen imagining that you do. Picture rays of light emitting from it in all directions and try to keep your inwardly focused eyes on that one point. Avoid straining your eyes, by simply relaxing into the process and breathing. Visualize the light bringing you new ideas, a successful self-image and wonderful opportunities. Yoga Works!

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