Yoga and Kirtan retreat at Rancho Margot in Costa Rica

All the anticipation, planning and travel to Costa Rica, for the yoga and kirtan, manifested in seven days. Each day brought with it, an early morning yoga class. The participants got an opportunity to practice with different teachers. Sivananda, hatha, yin yoga, vinyasa and ashtanga and yoga nidra was offered and practised. The two daily sessions were balanced with lots of time spent in the hot pool, in and around the cold pool, lying on the sun in the outdoor deck by the pond, hikes, horseback riding, yoga at the waterfall, night time visit to the hot springs and zip lining; for each person the experience revealed either a challenge, a goal or a sense of surrender.

The theme manifested in surrender, healing and joy. We did a healing and non-complaining ,session. The former ended with each participant, surrendering the "not needed", areas of their physical and emotional life to a flame. As they created a vision and an intention of how they want to co-create their lives, they received a healing stone to wear, carry and remind them of their life purpose. The rubber band session, was simple, giving everyone a tool to remind them how to develop the habit of being a "non-complainer".

Evenings and nights spent in kirtan chanting, jamming, dancing, and just chilling under the brilliance of the night sky, shrouded by the stars……….

This morning we read the feedback from the participants. The common comment that jumped out was "transformation"………the retreat was advertised as "……the transformation you experience will be profound"…………..we were touched to the core reading the feedback, in gratitude, that the universe was aligned as everyone received their own transformation; a promise delivered as an the offering.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self). A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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