I Tried A Heated-Wax Face Treatment & My Skin’s Never Looked More Radiant

If you’ve ever dipped your fingertips into warm candle wax (…just us?), you know how oddly satisfying it feels to let it cool down and peel it off — not to mention, how newly soft your skin feels afterwards. Well, European Wax Center‘s brand-new, wax-powered, heat-activated Cirefusion Therapie 135°™ is bringing a similar sensation to your face — and we got the chance to give it a try. Exclusive to the brand known for its expertise in all things wax-related, the patent-pending treatment with clinically tested results combines high-performance serums and heated-up wax to better deliver targeted actives deeper into your skin, whether you’re looking for a brighter complexion, refreshed pores, or a burst of hydration.

The half-hour treatment — so quick you could squeeze it in during lunch — works as such: First, you pick between three serum-elixir boosters (“Youth” with pro-collagen peptides for skin-firming effects, “Brightening” with vitamin C and papaya extract to naturally brighten and soothe skin, and “Clarifying” with fine-milled rice powder to reduce oil and shine). After cleansing skin and applying a pH-balancing toner, your serum of choice, and cooling under-eye gels (an optional add-on), the specialist applies the Thermaceutical Wax™ (slowly heated to a safe, soothing temperature) over top for five minutes, delivering the actives deeper into your skin as you relax under the velvety, warm cocoon. Even as it poured rain outside, I felt as if I were basking under the sun for a lovely, fleeting moment.

After the specialist peeled off the wax in one fell swoop, she spritzed on a light mist of toner and gently massaged in the serum-elixir. My skin looked noticeably more supple, plump, and dewy than when I first walked in. (I opted for the hydrating “Youth” treatment, since my dry skin is already feeling the effects of the coming winter season.) To further extend the immediate results into the longterm, you can buy EWC’s cleanser, toner, and one of the serum-elixirs to work into your everyday routine.

Curious to see what the heated-wax treatment ($65 to $70, depending on location) can do for your skin? Find out if you live near one of the select locations that offers the treatment and book reservation, here.

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