The World Health Organization and Its Brand of COVID-19 Propaganda

This graphic recently appeared on the World Health Organization's Facebook page:

Apparently, Mother Nature who, in her wisdom, endowed all of humanity with an innate ability to fight off infections of many types, did not see far enough into the future to provide human beings with the ability to fight off COVID-19.  Given that Phase 3 trials will continue into late 2022 at the earliest, it's pretty amazing how the World Health Organization has already determined that the current crop of experimental COVID-19 vaccines are even better at protecting humanity from this dreaded disease than our immune systems!

Or, might the World Health Organization's misguided belief that only a vaccine can provide us with protection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus have something to do with this:

As we have discovered during the pandemic, if you are a multi-billionaire and an untrained vaccinologist virologist and epidemiologist, you can fund pretty much whatever narrative you want and sell the idea that vaccines work far better at defeating certain viruses than your own immune system.  After all, what profit is there in natural immunity?

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