Yoga: Surviving Monsoons

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This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

Yoga: Surviving MonsoonsMany photographers love to take photos of people navigating through the deluge of the Indian Monsoon season with their standard black umbrellas upheld against the downpour.  It is a common site, whether people are on foot or on their cycle rickshaws.  The flood of rounded black domes fills the streets carried by all who want to be protected from the unusual burden of so much rain.  This week is particularly over burdened for me, which is unusual.  But for many, there is as much of an endless stream of tasks to perform during the course of the day as there are drops of rain hammering down during the time of the monsoon.  You certainly can’t open up an umbrella in the office each time the boss comes in to pile more onto your desk, but perhaps with a little effort, the feeling of drowning will subside in the light of refreshing mental clarity.
In India there is an old breathing practice for quenching thirst and clearing the mind.  It really works.  I’ve used it in swelteringly hot weather in the northwest frontier and it has never failed me.  It will also help you quench your thirst during those times when you need some cool water and can’t get to the water cooler. 
Thirst Quenching Breath:  Do this facing away from co-workers! Stick out your tongue but curl it up so that it is protruding out of your mouth and forming a kind of drinking straw. Slowly breathe in through your straw. Retract your tongue, close your mouth and exhale. Repeat this at least 3 times.  You will notice that you have cool saliva forming to cool your mind and throat as you swallow.   Even if you aren’t in the desert or the northwest frontier, you’ll feel a whole lot better.  Yoga Works!
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