Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Laughter Yoga

• The more you laugh, the less you worry, and the more you enjoy life

• It makes the most intense circumstances seem less serious hence, tolerable. This keeps stress away, in turn, keeping you healthy

• Laughing while doing the chores make the chores less burdensome

• Laughter makes us feel good because it defuses three of the most painful emotions (fear, anger and boredom) by releasing them. By doing so, it eases tension and helps people to view each other’s perspectives better

• It allows us to cope with life and its challenges easier because it gives us a better perspective

• Laughter makes our life worth living by enjoying the company of others and decreasing the amount of stress in our lives

• It builds self-confidence

• It eases our awkwardness and allows us to feel safer

• Laughing is a crucial social skill which keeps the communication fun

• Laughing makes us more likeable because it decreases the threshold to gain self-confidence by analyzing and judging other people

• When we laugh, we think clearly, hence, express ourselves more clearly

• Laughter is a pathway to unconditional love

• Laughing with others preserves our dignity

• Laughing with others for no reasons helps to gradually break down inhibition and other mental blocks, which have been created by others such as society or by oneself. Once the barriers are removed, ones potentials are maximized to laugh and a sense of humor automatically starts

• Humans have a right and a left-brain. Left side is concerned with analytical, calculative and concerned with learning skills. There is a limit to this side of the brain (i.e. there is only so much one can learn). The right side is concerned with intuition, imagination, music, art, creativity, meditation and healing. This makes the right side of the brain unlimited, as there is no end to imagination or creativity. Playfulness stimulates the right side, which will increase ones creativity and imagination. This may lead to infinite potential to perform and achieve goals and dreams.

The information contained above is by Dr. M. Kataria

For more information on Benefits of Laughter Yoga, please contact Ravi Kiran Choudhry, Ph.D at  or telephone at 416-674-6387

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