Self awareness as a thought

What is "Self" and what is the connection between the Self and the Awareness……..where does the "Thought" fit into this picture.
The self is our conscious identity of who we think we are.  It ties in with the family, community, nation, and the race we are born and brought up in.  Hence the Self evolves, or not……depending on when and if Awareness creeps into ones life.  When Awareness enter the consciousness, one begins to question everything.  There is generally a trigger, or catalyst that arouses or plants the seed of Self-Awareness.  Sometime the resulting turmoil becomes un-endurable to the Self and a "recoiling" back to the safety of the "known" happens…….this could take the form of staying with ones’ known identity, born out of the belief system, dogmas, ideas about life and the conditioning. ……..
Some people, out of choice or left no other choice, decide to pursue the path of Self-Awareness.  At times it becomes a lonely path, at times the personal demons haunt and scare you……..stay the path, as you continue to watch the "thoughts"…….where are the thoughts based.  Is there a fear, arising from and in the form of a doubt, or insecurity as the conditioned beliefs are challenged?  
Watching the thoughts, becomes the practice of meditation and yoga; which is the "observance of the distractions of the mind"………staying on the path of self awareness, becomes ones self-realization journey, and an ultimate lightness of Being, begins to happen.  Life does not seem a challenge anymore, a merging of the body, mind and spirit allows one to "flow" with life.  Every moment and every situation is fresh, no biases and conditioning is allowed to be the guide, and one becomes the ONE…….

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self).  A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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