Yoga: Cricket Office Strategies

There is so much we can learn from our favorite Cricket stars and team players.  They’re the men in white.  They patiently negotiate the heat, the glare, and the opposition.  These are wonderful metaphors for conduct to help us manage those long work days and overloads.  When you "wear the white hat", you’re always the hero.  You always do the right thing and never let your emotions get you into trouble.  You also learn how to pace yourself to avoid the "heat", especially that can get under your own or another’s collar.  In Cricket, the ball is the target and the Cricket player never takes his eye off of it.  This is the metaphor for your goals, achievements, raises, and all of the perks that you can receive when you keep your eye on the prize of success.  It helps to know that you’re going to be able to watch the men in white, those icons of all things bright and beautiful.  This is how Office Cricket is played so that you always win.  Yoga Works!
Spectator Sport Yoga For Cricket Tip # 3 Knee Pulls  Allow yourself to slide down on the sofa or chair so that have a tiny bit of bad posture.  This will actually enable you to more successfully complete a few knee pulls where perfectly upright posture will not.  Do a few knee pulls by gently wrapping your arms around your knee and pulling it upward toward your chest.  Just a few inches will help relieve low back tension.  Alternate sides.  
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