Yoga: Draupadi’s Endless Sari and Keeping Your Center

In the Mahabharata, the greatest and timeless epic of India, there is the story of Draupadi. Draupadi was very wise and somehow managed being a wife to not one, but five husbands. She was cherished, however, Draupadi was the victim of a gambling debt owed by her husband Yudisthara, who was himself, a victim of sorcery. Draupadi was to loose her dignity by having her sari unraveled. In her dark moment, deeply focused, she called for Divine assistance. Try as they could, those who had cheated at the game of dice, could not unravel her sari, though they pulled and pulled and pulled. The sari continued until they were simply wore out. The moral of the story isn’t to never take a gamble, the moral of the story is to know how to get to and stay in your center when all around you are pulling at your from all sides and the difficulties at hand are such that they could unravel your very nerves! In tribute to venerable Draupadi, here is:

Draupadi’s Centering and Strengthening Technique: Whether you are standing or sitting, place your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Inhale while making tight fists and tensing your whole body. (This is what helps to muster up your courage and strength while it will help to dissipate nervous tension). Hold your breath for about 3 counts while visualizing the most powerful image you can think of in your mind. For a moment, think of yourself as disappearing from view while you go within. Then, exhale, release all muscle tension. Repeat one or two times to re-enforce the idea that you are gaining your inner power, remaining steadfast and holding your own unraveled dignity. Yoga works!

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  1. Super article Acharya, exudes good taste and sense. The Mahabharata is an absorbing tale of a feud between two branches of a single Indian ruling family that culminates in a vast, cataclysmic battle – I would highly recommend to anyone interested, many parallels can be found to modern life.
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