Yoga: Sacred Caves & The Wall of Silence

The Barabar Caves are famous in India, having been carved centuries ago as a sacred place of meditation. They were the locale featured in the movie, A Passage To India. Inside these caves it is essential to truly be as silent as stone. Without the gift of silence, the echo within the interior chambers is very uncomfortable. It can be like this in a busy office, traffic jam or subway train where the gift of silence is so needed. Or how about at the end of the day when what you really need is the silence of a cave, yet everyone else is talking at you or making noise. Sometimes it is possible to become desensitized to the noise around you, putting your hearing at a risk and raising stress levels. Industrial noise that comes from computers, printers, mobile phones on vibrate or worse, actually ringing, and naturally playing a hideous ring tone. What you need is to get away into cave-like silence like the Yoga masters of old. One famous Yogi of legends is the timeless Avatar: Mahavatar Babaji, said to have inhabited caves in Northern India as well as Dasamadhi Ghat along the Ganges in times past. BabaJi was known to be an immortal able to dematerialize and rematerialize his body at will. With his group of Immortals he would utter; "Dera dhanda uthhao". "Let us take up our staff’s and go".

To create your own cave refuge in the middle of the hustle and bustle, Use BabaJi’s timeless mantra to remind yourself that you can instantly transport yourself to the interior of a cave by tuning out for a few minutes. Studies have proved that just stepping outside of noise for as little as 2 minutes has a wonderfully beneficial effect on your well-being.

The Avatar’s Cave Technique: State the mantra, (dera dandha utthao) then simply get away from your desk, cubicle, office for 2 minutes. Warm your hands by rubbing them together, then place them over your ears for 1-2 minutes just listening to the silence. If you pretend that you have dematerialized yourself so that you are invisible, so much more the better. Yoga Works!

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