7 Hair Care Guides For Winter

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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With changed season, it is vital to change the methods of caring for your hair. Hair requires your special attention and care in winter. There are more chances of getting hair breakage, split ends and thinning hair in winter as compared to other seasons. Everyone is susceptible to problems caused by changing season.

The other reason behind hair damage in winter is that people don’t take precautions to protect their hair from icy cold, blustery winter wind and sun exposure. With decline in temperature, you don’t have to suffer from frizzy and dull hair. I have formulated a hair care guide for you so that you can protect your hair in harsh weather.

1. Fight Dandruff:

The most common and inevitable problem faced by majority of people is dandruff. It is the dandruff that is the root cause of many other hair related problems. It is vital to combat dandruff first to get healthy, smooth and shiny hair. Little moisture in air dandruff produces and make scalp extra dry and flaky. To get rid of dandruff make a mixture of warm oil and few lemon drops. Massage your scalp with this mixture and combat dandruff.

2. Hot Oil Treatment:

Give your hair a hot oil treatment. Grab extra virgin olive oil to heal daily wear and tear of your hair. Hot oil massaging is best way to repair damaged hair in winter. Apply directly on damp hair and cover your head with plastic cap. Then rinse thoroughly.

3. Wash Hair With Cold Water:

Hot water shower is worst thing for hair. How much the cold it is, never wash your hair with hot water. Hot water absorbs all moisture from your hair and scalp leaving your hair dry, brittle and it also invited dandruff. Always wash your hair with cold water or Luke warm water but never hot.

4. Combat Frizzy Hair:

In winter, you will find everything to be static. Your sweater, woolen clothes and gloves, everything will cause static that lead to frizzy hair. Keep your hair conditioned to prevent static electricity. Despite conditioning you can also go for anti static spray. Don’t over brush your hair in winter. Use wide toothed comb or hair brush with combination of plastic and boar bristles to reduce risks of frizzy hair.

5. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally:

Before stepping out of your home, make sure your hair are completely dry. Let your hair air dry. Time of drying depends upon thickness and length of your hair. Use blow dryer only at the time of extreme need otherwise it is best to let your dry naturally. Cover your hair while leaving home extremely in severe cold or in the sun. Sun exposure is as damaging for hair in winter as it is in summer.

6. Minimum Use Of Heat Appliances:

Minimize the use of heat appliances in winter. Pick natural styling way for hair. Limit the use of hair dryer, iron curler and flat iron. Excessive heat make hair and scalp dry and brittle that become the reason of breakage.

7. Conditioning:

Conditioning plays significant role in keeping hair problems at bay in winter. Opt for conditioner containing oil and natural extracts. Alternatively, add oil in your regular conditioner. Conditioning is best way to restore all shine and smoothness that has lost due to brisk temperature.

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