Tech Lobby: H-1B Workers Cheaper than Hiring Americans

An embarrassing thing happened at an industry lobbyist press conference.

Fox News reports that CompeteAmerica has created a jobs clock that clicks away as imaginary jobs are lost due to immigration restrictions. The Hill also chimed in on the topic.

While the mainstream media was mindlessly parroting lobbyists, the trade press asked questions.ComputerWorld reports:

Beryl Lieff Benderly of Science Careers asked, “If there is such a desperate need for talent why not [retrain] some of the tens of thousands of people over 35 who have been laid off?”

In a rare display of honesty from lobbyists, Scott Corely of CompeteAmerica answered, “If it could be done as easily, there would be less value in the worker.”

This exchange has been the big talk of the computer trade press in recent days.

There you have it, straight from the tech lobby: Imported H-1B workers provide better value than Americans. Translation: They can be paid much less.

In other H-1B news, a Pineville, N.C., company was nailed for an H-1B scam. It was importing aliens on H-1B visas and then letting them run loose in the country. The company even hired stand-ins to pose as employees when the government auditors showed up at the office.

One can only imagine the number of violations that would be uncovered if the strict restrictions on enforcing the H-1B program were lifted.

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