Cupola Opened For First Time to 360 Degree View of the Universe Video

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Tranquility cupola opened to the universe for the first time

The Italian made Cupola that was just added to the International Space Station will make viewing space from the ISS even that much better.

Update – On June 5, 2012 the astronauts will be able to photograph the Transit of Venus for the first time from space, using the panoramic view from the cupola.

Astronauts, scientists and day dreamers will get a 360 degree view. 

During the Day 10 space walk of astronauts Nicholas Patrick and Robert Behnken, mission crew inside were hard at work finishing the connections between the Tranquility module, the cupola and the International Space Station.

Mission Specialists Kathryn Hire works with Commander George Zamka connecting, checking and re-checking.

Despite the problems of the weekend, the Mission STS 130 was headed for success as everyone inside and outside spent the day doing their jobs.

This video gives you the inside view of the work.

Video – NJN Network

Once the windows were opened, you can here the astronauts thrill to the new 360 degree view of the world. Everyone was in high spirits as jokes and good humor passed between the shuttle commander, his crew and ISS team and mission control.

It was an exciting moment that gives a view of space that was up to now reserved only for space walkers in their bulky suits.

The Italian built Tranquility module will be the new hideaway on the ISS. Zamka can be heard joking that when you can’t find someone on the ISS, check the cupola.

Video – Spacestation2009
Hats off the the ISS crew, STS 130 crew, all the ground support team at NASA and their international partners like Italy for the Tranquility module and cupola and Canada for the Canadarm 2.

The video was produced by NASA and is public domain as are all US government videos. Editing was by NJN Network. No copyright is claimed.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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